I have "Installed" BL and when I run it, I start next to Kerm's sprite next to missles shooting alot. It is SLOW AS HECK! It takes 2-5 min for a frame update!
what are your comp specs?
what do u mean?
if he was shooting missles the particles lag
yes, but the comp specs are still relevent...
As are the settings he is trying to run BL at
I bet someone set up a nuke... that's what it sounds like.
PC Specs
CPU 2.12GHz
ATI Radeon IGP 320M(Latest drivers)
Compaq Persario 2100 Laptop
Wireless G card w/ wireless g router w/ 7MPS internet connection
I was using full screen(1024x768) to display. I tried turning off all rendering(except for items)
and Kerm's player was sitting right next to these black cannons that were repeatively shiiting missles.
It wasn't me; must have been a clone. And that was probably the nuke: it's the worst thing to hit DTB since sliced bread. :/
sometimes it is server speed, go to your own and see hwo it it
KermMartian wrote:
It wasn't me; must have been a clone. And that was probably the nuke: it's the worst thing to hit DTB since sliced bread. :/

There is SLICED BREAD IN DTB????? OMG! Is the gun a toaster or something? That would be soooo badass.... Razz

@netham, try dropping your resolution to 800x600 or maybe even 640x480. Unfortunately for you, the combination of badspot's piss poor rendering code (he somehow failed to use the built in Torque optimization routines...) and your slow graphics card are going to force you to run at very low quality
and play on a server that doesn't allow nukes Neutral
also, don't tick off server admins.
Well..... I put 512 more ram into my pc and now it works great!
so what are you up to then?
netham45, I dont think anything is wrong with your computer. I got on last night, and someone had screwed it up alot! Some one had some how made about 10-15 grenade launchers, pointed them to the ground, put them WAY high in the air, and set them off. I had to do some major work to undo what they did. But I managed to take those out.

It was slow as hell when I got on too. But I 'fixed' it.
well about you i don't know but if it's slow why do you don't try to change your video driver as if the scripts are compile the more fast it will display...
i have an CPU 2.4 GHz intel
FreeBsd 6.2 alpha test only for developers
an asus p4p800 motherboard
with 512MB of ram and 80GB of slice
and an nvidia video card MX440 with 128MB of ram
an i play doom 3 i my computer with atmost 93FPS, only because i have the nvidia driver, that's the same of saying some script's part's are compiled....
yeah, my comp with an AMD Athalon 1200 and a 768MB PC133 RAM can run BL just fine, unless the server has been spamed, but then everyone is like that.
Actually, once I upgraded my mem, I was able to play great.
Oh, ok. Perhaps you had a lot of other things running at the same time? It needs about 200 MB of hardware memory (not swap) to run decently at 1024x768.
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