I know this would take some MAJOR programming, and the calc prob cant handle it, but could it be done?

I mean, even if you make someway, even something to the effect as a map editor, and you make it and walk around with little lego dudes in like 2D even.

Something similar to the GBA Zelda/Pok`emon or something. That view point and such.

That would be quite a hit. Has this ever been thought of? prob not cause of how close to impossilbe it is, 0x5.
Brix Builder is one Kerm bult a while ago, but you are right, the calc just has a hard time handling it, but it is alright.
Was it all that good?

I mean something close to the sims or soemthing were you have wall brick, 1x1 flat brick, 1x1x1 brick,stair brick

Something extremely simple. That would be cool.

What/Were is Brix Builder? Its not in the archives Wink .
good question, it is a ticalc.org though.
It is a complete, fully-3D, fully-hidden-line rendering engine with *shading*; and I managed to fit in a 4-view block building interface. It's not really useable as a realtime game, since it takes like 5 minutes to render a complex frame with hidden line and shading. Smile It coul dbe done in ASM thugh, albeit only for a low number of bricks. Imagine that + Cn2. Shock
ok. Is it any good? Is it slow?

I was thinking about making something like that.
swivelgames wrote:
ok. Is it any good? Is it slow?

I was thinking about making something like that.
It is very good, and it is very slow. I could make a much worse quality, much faster one, but that would be against my original goals for the program.
Ah I see.

What you said about it and Cn2. Even if you make a High and Low quality versions, and you make it online multiplayer, omfg Surprised .
Heh, indeed. But first I need to make Cn2 actually work. Smile
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