The second Cemetech Contest is now underway, this time's theme, Strategy. Beyond that, the concept is open to interpretation. All standard rules apply.

The contest will start immediatly, and will end on August 31st. All entries will be due by 11:59 Central Time. This means you have about 1 1/2 months to work on these programs.

If you have a question on if a program is strategy, please post here and Kerm and I will make a decision.
Superbulous. Can't wait to see some of the entries, although I personally will not be entering.
Its a warcraft type game.

P.S. I had a lot more info, but rivereye said that all i had to say was this, so i took it out =D
All you had to say is warcraft type game, go ahead.
0x5, ok i m gonna edit my post to delete some of the extra info.
Sounds like a plan, Harq. I need to post news here and spread the word around the communtiy,.
I just wanted to remind everyone that there are only about 10 days left to this contest. I hope to see some good things come on out of this.
Oh hey, if you want to write up a news article, I can frontpage it for ya.
don't know if I can really, but I might see what happens.
Uh oh..... I forgot about this... I am not sure I can finish it in 8 days either Evil or Very Mad (either way it is going to be so slow that it will almost not be fun, so I might as well not enter Sad , ASM the game might work, but too many calculations for it to be an ok speed in basic).
I'm making great progress with my entry. I still have a lot of work to do but a good version will be done by contest's end. I think you all will like it. Very Happy
something1990 wrote:
I'm making great progress with my entry. I still have a lot of work to do but a good version will be done by contest's end. I think you all will like it. Very Happy

Cool! I think that I am going to try to make progress on mine tommorrow (all I have done is the enemy moving, and it is slow, like I have said).
I'm only finished with the user input for beginning the game. But it will be code I can reuse for most of the game anyway so I'm already done with a lot of the work. I'm using stat sprites and not using very many large sprites so my program will be pretty fast and pretty nice graphically.
I am getting excited now.
Is anyone else entering? Anyone? Anyone at all?
Only 9 days left huh? I'm kinda late but I may try to speed up progress on the one I'm working on. We'll see if I get it done in time. Probably won't look very good.

I suppose I'm somebody.
I was going to but I got a RAM clear and never got back into the spirit. Sad
The reason I am not done is probably because I have not gotten back into the calculator yet (why should I use the calculator when I can use the computer during the summer? Rolling Eyes ).
Nope, I believe it's just the two of you at this point. We need prizes and publicity... I can definitely help with the second; we'll see about the first.

Edit: check that, 4 of you total. Yays.
Just for clarification the contest ends at 10:59 pm ET on August 30 or at 10:59 ET on August 31?
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