How do you make a cursor? I was trying this morning, but neither Paint nor GIMP supported .cur files. I want to draw my own custom cursor for use in programs. Is there some other file extension that I can use to make cursors? Thanks in advance.
I "believe" you save it as .bmp, then in the folder, change the extension to .cur.
Alright I'll try it out.
Close, but not quite. Things to note:

1. use 32x32
2. save as .ico or .cur in GIMP; try .cur first, and if not, save as .ico and then resave as .cur
3. Generally, windows assumes that the color in the top-left of the image is the "transparency" color - that color will become the image's transparent areas.
It worked! Well kind of. I have to set the background color of the window white for the cursor to look normal. About the transparency color, what do I do to really make it transparent and not white around the cursor?

EDIT: Never mind. I made the background transparent. Thanks for the help guys.
No problem. Care to post up a png of the icon so that we can check it out too? Smile
what program is this for?
Windows, I assume. You can change the cursors from the control panel.
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