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I got Blockland running on Ubuntu without any emulation or Wine, etc. OS X is a tiny jump from there now that I have the theory down. Ill post a tutorial as soon as I finish checking that everything works properly, and as soon as I have time to get the OS X version running smoothly.


hmm, I could use some help from anyone with a Linux machine to help me test this. my Ubuntu server seems to run a dedicated server fine, but I have so little RAM I can't really play anything graphical.


OS X now seems to be running decently, although it crashes when I try to start a server. Again this is just as likely to be problems with the hardware Im testing on.
I have it working perfectly under Wine using Ubuntu "breezy badger" right now. Cf. the front page meter.
but Im not using any emulation, and you can't run WINE on PPC based Macs.
Ah, indeed. How are you making it run natively then? Confused
:p using the Torque engine demo
Aaah, so you didn't actually get TBM working then? ^_^ Still extremely impressive though.
but I did get it working.

I copied over all the tbm/dtb/blockland data and replaced main.cs.

blockLand.exe is an unmodified copy of the game engine, and the demo engine is the full engine without a license to redistribute it.
Wait...how sure are you that blockland0002 is unmodified?! I'm pretty sure it has a few changes made to it...
Im not sure, but so far it seems to work.
hey elf, if you give me the stuff I need, I can pop it into my FC4 box and give it a shot. I know I have to change it to Debian in the near funture, but I am almost afraid I will screw something up with it.
Better gimme it too, I want to try running BL without Wine on C-0.
he problem is, the way I have it set up currently it won't connect to a normal windows blockland/tbm client unless you use the same modification on windows. anywho, basically you download the Torque Game Demo for the platform you want....eg OS X. Then you copy all the directories, except for common, and main.cs into the directory containing the main.cs of the demo. make sure you replace the demo's main.cs. On Windows and Linux this is the the same directory as the exectuble. On OS X it is in "Torque Demo OSX.app/Contents/Resources/".

Then you run the executable with the arguments -game tbm -mod dtb.

note that on OS X the path to the executable is "Torque Demo OSX.app/Contents/MacOS/Torque Demo OSX".

The problem between the Linux/OS X/Windows Demo version and the normal windows version has to do with the protocol version number. This is probably fixable by copying the common directory from the old version of blockland over as well, but Im not sure yet--it may be part of executable,--since I didn't have any time today to play with it.
Why not just rename the demo to blockland0002.exe and copy it over the executable?
? the executable is what you need to make it run natively.....
Exactly. Instead of moving all the data from blockland towards the demo's exe, move the demo exe over blockland0002 and leave the data files where they are...
lol, good idea. you wouldn't even rename it though, just run it as is. the problem is that on OS X that probably wont work so well because the executable looks in the ../resources directory for all its data files.

to see what I mean, get on a mac, ctrl-click an application and select View Package Contents (or whatever, something like that..)
Actually, the reason I ask is that I want to drop the latest Torque engine demo over blockland0002 - the current one is several versions old. Perhaps that would finally fix the vehicle crashing problems associated with the old versions. I'm talking windows btw.
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