I think i will work on learning java in a few months, in the meantime i am doing ASM, c++ and maybe I will just learn some Visual Basic since it is very close to TI-basic Wink .
/me suggests you only go for one at a time, to avoid getting too overwhelmed and confused.
/me thinks Kerm should follow his own advice and concentrate all efforts towards DCS 6 Smile
Java would be like middle of next year Laughing . I am doing c++ and asm now.
lol, the first "cemetech labs" product.
elfprince13 wrote:
lol, the first "cemetech labs" product.
Joking aside, you just may be right. For copyright reasons, I'll be releasing more details when I make a working first prototype.
I estimate around 17 sensors (joints of you hand etc.) and then a small area that is rather bulky due to a transmitter Razz .
Here's a hint: One more piece, and I'll be able to finish assembling my first prototype. I can already type using it...
wtf? why is my post first? It has nothing to do with the data glove Razz !
So far, these are the materials I have purchased:
>(1) pair gloves: $0.99
>(3) dozen sets of 4/0000 snaps: 3x$2.00 = $6.00
>(1) dozen set of 3/0 snaps: $2.00
>Ribbon cabling (from old computers): $0.00
>PS/2 keyboard (from old computer): $0.00
>Misc plastic (from CD case): $0.00
>Epoxy, wire strippers, pliers, needles, thread (already had): $0.00
Total: $8.99
Yea, I'm very confused Confused

Edit: I was referring to Harq's post.
Have I mentioned that it works perfectly so far, for the pieces I have wired up? And also, I found a way to map the keys exactly as I need them.
I still have no idea what it is (aside from it being some sort of glove with sensors), as I missed whatever was happening before this topic was split....
A dataglove is any piece of wearable computing input hardware controlled by the hand(s). My particular implementation will eventually use the driver PCB from a wireless USB keyboard to control both keyboard and mouse functions. My first prototype is intended as a proof-of-concept with a wired PS/2 keyboard PCB, omitting the mouse functionality.
cool idea Kerm, i hope it works
gscm wrote:
cool idea Kerm, I hope it works
Thanks, same here. At this point my biggest challenge is making sure you don't have to be doublejointed to hit all the keys.
looking good, but it looks like it would be really warm
It's actually a light cotton glove, so it's surprisingly cool to wear. So far heat hasn't been a problem, even though it's been warm around in NYC.

Top is the original keyboard's mapping; bottom is the dataglove's mapping. Colors indicate how hard it is for me to hit each combo with my fingers.
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