Do you want pure Basic or libs?
 10%  [ 1 ]
pure Basic
 90%  [ 9 ]
Total Votes : 10

They all look nifty. I hope I can participate in the next contest. Smile
There's always something keeping you from participating eh? I still have to finish my contest entry for BPC too...
Today was yet more fun fun schoolwork. Sad
Does anyone know what happened to Vomp? The contest is really close right now. Dodgem Ti 4, Entomb, and Penalty all have three votes each. Capture has one vote. Vomp, since there's no game in the zip file, has no votes. If Vomp was there, it would be an even closer contest.
Well I didn't win. Sad Star Wars and Entomb are in the finals. I did do very well though, as I was tied for second in BASIC. Smile Now that it's over, can someone do me the favor of taking a screenie of the homescreen part of the game? The way I make a screenshot only works with the graphscreen, and I never got around to figuring out the other methods. I would be grateful to anyone who can make me a screenshot.
Just use an emulator and CalcCapture. Which one was yours?
He used his dodgemTi game, which is questionable whether that was fair or not seeing as how he made most of that before the competition, when everyone else programmed theirs during it...

My game was StarWars. I decided I would challenge myself, and try to make an ASM in 3 hours. After debugging for a majority of the competition, I passed in what I had made up until that point. I would have liked to do more with it and fix it up a bit, but I didn't have enough time to do these things because of the time restriction and the fact (yes fact), that ASM takes longer and is harder to program.

I've been working on StarWars alot since the competition finished, and I'm probably going to release a full version in the next few weeks. Smile
Well I made sure to check it with Brazucs before implementing the menu and save features. He said it was alright so I used them. I did make many modifications to have my entry fit with previously designed menus. Anyways, I never got an emulator to work on my computer except for the Flash Debugger. There's always a problem with the ROM dumping. I thought that the Flash Debugger was incompatible with Calc Capture. Did I get wrong information?
Use Rom8x to do the rom dump. It's definitely the best, and it works with the 84 series, too. I don't know if CalcCapture works with the flash debugger, but I'd avoid the flash debugger at all costs. I'd recommend Tilem instead.
I tried Rom8x before, but the computer side didn't work. However, I suspect the source of this problem was the same as the compiling problem I had before. I'll try it out later today.
Well, if you truly have the calculator, it seems like it might be legal for someone to share their rom with you, although I would definitely have to check with Kerm first. I mean, you bought the calculator, you should be entitled to a rom Exclamation Kerm, what do you think?
If you have the calc, it's legal. Might I recommend Googling "ti83p_112.rom"? Note: this is ONLY legal if you have the calc.
I believe techinacally, you need the OS to match on the ROM and calc also (I may be wrong about that)
What calc version do you have Something. If you have an 84, I've got a rom for you Wink
There's no need to pull a Sweet Awesome. I haven't tried Rom8x because it didn't work before. I think it was the same problem I had with TASM. I did a ROM dump with Rom8x. The only problem is I can't do anything with Tilem. I don't have anything required to run the files for Tilem. It all just says file.
Did you read the readme? You need the GTK runtime environment, and a few other little things (such as an OS) to get it working. If you have an 84, I can save you the trouble of all of this and just send you my Tilem folder. It will come working. And don't worry, it's perfectly legal if you have the calc. Wink
I have the ROM and I have the GTK runtime environment. I got it when I downloaded GIMP because GIMP required GTK too. So what's the problem? I would appreciate it if you could send that folder. Thanks for the help.
Calccapture should work with ANY emulator, because you can create custom configurations.

after you load a ROM into TilEm you also have to send the OS with it.

finally, PTI actually has more accurate emulation than TilEm, but isn't as full featured.
Yeah, all you have to do is adjust the stuff for X,Y,width,height.
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