From the official website: wrote:
Yes, you read the title right. TBM 2.0 is here! Full 2.0 has tons of amazing features that we hope you will all enjoy. Stay tuned to the TBM website for the upcoming MAX TBM 2.0 download, complete with all of the maps, an in-game tutorial gui, all the decals, and DTB. Enjoy!

It includes a ton of cool features, and my favorite thing is that all of my completed vehicles are included! So far people seem to enjoy building railways a lot.

1. Install this to your computer:
2. Install this into the /blockland0002/ directory automatically created in step 1:

a. You can get more maps, media packs, DTB alpha, etc here:
b. You can't just overwrite an old install if you have one of the TBM 2 betas.
cool, so this is now stable, lets blockland this house up
I got 2 people addicted to blockland over the last 2 days.
Heh, excellent. I'll be hosting frequent Cemetech servers.
Thats pretty cool. But I dont have frequent internet access unless I can move my modem to my good compy and still be able to keep the wireless up with out having to mess with it(its not likly, my routers a belkin Neutral )

I will download it anyway just so I have it when I can get on Smile .
You should. Also keep in mind that there's singleplayer mode; you can build by yourself.
we should have a Cemetech DtB deathmatch with anything goes sometime.
Sure, that would be cool. We could even have it in Cemetech city... Evil or Very Mad
KermMartian wrote:
Sure, that would be cool. We could even have it in Cemetech city... Evil or Very Mad

I had a vicious match last night with the author of Pixelpainter. I kept 'M'ing up behind him with a minigun.
ROFLmongers. That's my fave weap, after the nega cannon.
The minigun is so cheap! Bad Idea
But it's so fuuuuun. Sad
I like the gunpack and the lightsaber.....
You know what else I like? The sniper rifle. Yay for TBM DTB weapons. Smile
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