Basically title. I’m curious about if there are ways to put a TI-84+SE in “fast mode” (15MHz) while on the home/graph screen.
To my knowledge, the OS already runs at 15 MHz normally. It only run programs and apps at 6 MHz because some programs designed for a slower CPU might behave incorrectly when run faster.

The 83+ SDK SE addendum notes that apps run at 6 Mhz by default (but can opt in to 15 MHz by setting a field in their header), and implies that the OS normally runs at 15 MHz when it says JForceCmdChar forces fast mode.

What makes you think it's not running at the faster speed during normal OS operation?
Ah, I see. I was confused about what the "compatibility mode" was actually for before I read your post. Thanks.

It's just that when I look at the speed of graphing and how the calc apparently takes a couple milliseconds to compute any equation, even 1+1, I believe I have reason to believe that it's not running as fast as it really can, but I guess all I can do is blame TI for not coding efficiently.
I overclocked my calc to 19.7MHz using a pencil and it noticeably (positively) affected the smoothness of calculations, menus, and applications which take advantage of the fast mode.
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