What was the best completed project of March 2024?
Basic Basic Revolution Classic
 26%  [ 5 ]
Sonic 2 CE
 57%  [ 11 ]
 15%  [ 3 ]
Total Votes : 19

You all were quite busy this month! Let's see all the great work...
  • Basic Basic Revolution Classic - A DDR clone for the TI84+CE: StephenM has started porting Dance Dance Revolution to the CE. Instead of stomping on the calculator though, StephenM has mapped the controls to the arrow keys which are intended to be pressed with fingers.

  • Basic Basic Revolution: The Graphical: StephenM has started porting Dance Dance Revolution to the CE. Wait, didn't I just say that? Well instead of just using the home screen, this version is a full color port on the graph screen!

  • BOS (OS+ROM) for CEmu: beckadamtheinventor after a short, 3 year break beck has published a new version of their custom OS! There's tons of major system changes so go check out the topic for a comprehensive list.
  • CryptX | Application-Level Cryptography for the TI-84+ CE: After a 3 year endeavor, ACagliano has feature completed their cryptography library! For anyone looking to create a secure calculator application, give the comprehensive documentation a look!
  • Custom Calculator Keys (TI-84 Plus CE): beetlepaws thought the CE's keys were too difficult to read in the dark (something I empathize with) and decided to create entirely custom, 3d printed keys to coat in glow-in-the dark compound! They've even shared the 3D models they created. Go give it a look!

  • Express BASIC - a Tiny BASIC interpreter in C: Not to be confused with TI-Basic, lucidapogee has continued work on their BASIC interpreter by adding hexadecimal support, improving negation handling, more examples, and plenty more features. Go give it a try!
  • Gimme 5!: A word-guessing game [TI-84 Plus CE]: Captain Calc has improved their Wordle-like game (does anyone still remember Wordle?) by adding a new Rush gameplay mode! Even if it's no longer hip with the kids it's still a really fun game.

  • Illusiat 13: The Final Chapter revival n other series stuff: DJ Omnimaga is back to working on their RPG for the 83+ after a brief musical break. They've updated the save system, significantly reduced the size of the program. Go see the screenshot in the first post!
  • lwIP Library with ECM/NCM Drivers for the TI-84+ CE: This month ACagliano struggled with their library that add networking capabilities to the CE. Despite the difficulties, they persevered and got NCM stable! Go visit the topic for details about it!
  • PiEditor - A program editor using Celtic CE: pi644721 has made a lot of progress in just a few weeks. Just to name a few features they've streamlined the menus for program and appvar input, improved the cursor and optimized the keyboard input.

  • A plane simulator for the TI-84 Plus C(S)E: StephenM has posted their flight simulator flying! There's even a pre-release you can download and try by visiting their profile.

  • Sans Bossfight (TI-84+CE): ThePinkHacker has been porting a major boss fight from Undertale to the CE! They've made the graphics and already ported a lot of the mechanics. There's tons of animations so go visit the topic!

  • Sonic 2 CE: A port of 8-bit Sonic 2 for the TI-84+ CE (WIP): grubbycoder has created a very detailed port of the entire Sonic 2 game! A release was published so go dash over to the download page and give it a try!

  • [CE] Starlight Conquest - inspired by Dune & StarCraft: mid has made some progress on their RTS. More graphic entities per frame and some gameplay mechanics implemented. Lots of effort has gone into diagnosing frame rate and screen tearing.

  • Super Smash Bros. CE: What's better than being with friends? Beating your friends at smash! theflamingninja21 is working on making that happen on your very own TI-84 Plus CE! This month they've created a better knockback system.

  • TI-Boy CE Progress Thread: calc84maniac has continued to improve the accuracy of their GameBoy (Color) emulator. They've mostly been working on behind-the-scenes code which will aid future development. Future features might include cheat code support!
  • TI-Wars: linkjt9 is working on a flight simulator in Basic for the TI-84 Plus CE and already published a release! Go try it out!
  • Train Simulator Controller: KermMartian may not be able to afford a real train, but that doesn't mean he can't create an immersive train simulator from the comfort of his own home! This month he's adapting a real train air pressure gauge to work with Train Simulator. The post is thoroughly documented with plenty of sweet pictures so go visit the thread!

  • Xenon Development [C]: Alvajoy123 made a quick update to command line aspect of their shell for the TI-84 Plus CE. This month they've updated the cursor to reflect what type of character you're about to input and history is now stored!

  • Yet Another Minecraft: TI-84 Plus CE Edition: jasper7474 needs some help on optimizing the RAM usage of their Minecraft port. The whole code and a pre-release is on their github so go check it out!

Wow, that was a lot of projects with tons of amazing progress! Be sure to vote for your favorite completed project in the poll!
It's great to see another busy month, and thanks for putting this together, TheLastMillennial! I haven't decided which project I'll vote for yet, but don't sleep on the excellent writeup that grubbycoder linked in the Sonic 2 CE thread.
Hello. Actually, I can say that Basic Basic Revolution Classic (the home screen version) is a completed project, or else I wouldn't have started with BBR: The Graphical Smile
StephenM wrote:
Hello. Actually, I can say that Basic Basic Revolution Classic (the home screen version) is a completed project, or else I wouldn't have started with BBR: The Graphical Smile
Thanks for that. I have updated the poll accordingly.
The gifs for Starlight Conquest and SSBCE are switched
Edit: Good Idea
Thank you The Last Millennial for reminding me about how bad I can be at sticking to one project and how distracted I can be by other non-programming projects. Thank you also for writing this PotM. Smile
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