It's been a bit, but I have a new pre-release!

What's new:

  • New less bloated menu with program and appvar input, and a recently edited list that will eventually have recently edited programs. For now, just add program and appvar names to the PiRecent program to ave them show up in the menu.
  • F3 and F4 scroll up and down 100 lines (not labeled)
  • Better cursor fencing
  • Bug fixes
  • Switching "keyboards" is done differently. (I will probably change the way that this is done before the full release)

    • [alpha] for uppercase letters
    • [2nd] for lowercase letters
    • [Xtθn] for numbers and logical ops
    • [stat] for "program" (this one's layout will change)

Pardon my BBCode
I decided against a menu for creating programs and appvar because it's not that hard do do on your own.
You can find it here on GitHub

Thanks to Vital Ash for Aether which I wrote most of this update in.
I think we'll be ready for a full release by v0.10 Smile, and yes, I skipped v0.7.

If anyone knows if there is a way do not display the bottom two rows of pixels in a Text() command (or a Celtic text command for that matter), I think it might be a bug, judging from this page from TI|BD is that how you write that?

Here's a gif (no, not an apng):
It's not entirely clear on how to edit/use?
I've gotten back into development after a break and am close to a full release and wanted some opinions. What do you think would a better way to type tokens that aren't currently accessible?

Menus: Would look better, and be more intuitive. Would look better, and be more intuitive, but would add a lot more code, probably slow down the editor, and I would have to adjust the existing keyboard layouts to accommodate.

Keyboard layout: Wouldn't slow down the editor and wouldn't require any additional code other than maybe a small help menu directing the user to the readme (which I should work on), but would be less intuitive.
Alright! it's time for a full release!
You can find the release here.

Note that this version has a few bugs, and that there will be more features added in future versions.

What's in this version:
- Support for editing TI-Basic programs and Celtic appvars. The header for Celtic appvars (:CEL) is still displayed and editable though.
- A menu to select recently edited programs. Needs improvement but is good enough for now.
- The editor displays 13 lines of text, no line wrapping or scrolling.
- Inserting and deleting tokens: token is inserted after the cursor, and deleted under the cursor.
- Pressing clear does not clear the line to avoid frustration, maybe I'll re-add this with some sort of unto feature.
- Four different keyboards for inserting different tokens, see the readme for more details.
- Bugs, some known, but if you encounter one, please post it here.

What's new:
- Rewrote the editor part and removed a few minor features that will be re-added later.
- Bug fixes
- Optimization
- The keyboard indicator (changed with the 2nd and alpha keys) is just a number for now. You'll get the hang of it.
(Spriter support hopefully coming soon!)
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