What was the best completed project of July 2023?
Celtic CE
 72%  [ 13 ]
 5%  [ 1 ]
First Fantasy II: Pokéwalrus (Magenta version)
 22%  [ 4 ]
Total Votes : 18

It’s time for another Projects of the Month, where you can read about all the cool stuff the community has been working on, think “Hey, I remember that project!” since we’re kind of behind, and vote for whichever one you believe to be the best project completed in July 2023! As always, it’s also a great time to try out projects you haven’t seen before, so make sure to check out the creators’ topics as well for any extra information or download links.
  • [CE] Starlight Conquest - inspired by Dune & StarCraft: mid has improved the opening transition of their RTS game, along with adding some markers to show your resources and allow you to view the HP of your units.

  • CALCCIV - Port of Civilization for the TI-84+ CE: BattyBest has continued work on their Civilization game, improving the GUI and coming up with an implementation for storing cities and city information. There were no screenshots this month as their computer was not working, but be sure to check out the thread to take a look at the progress there!
  • Celtic BASIC library for the CE: RoccoLox Programs has released the first official version of Celtic CE, a TI-BASIC library written in assembly which gives BASIC programmers better graphics options, more advanced file manipulation, and more! If you’ve ever used Celtic III, xLib, or the DCS libraries on older calculators, this project brings the functionalities to the CE as well.

  • EVENTLIB for the CE: While working on another one of his projects, ACagliano found that using an event-based system improved the game’s stability, leading him to create EVENTLIB, a library for use with the CE C toolchain which handles event-based programming. He has also written some documentation for the library, making it easy to get started incorporating it into your own projects!
  • First Fantasy II: Pokéwalrus (Magenta version): Making use of another project this month, Celtic CE, DJ Omnimaga has not only started and completed his walrus-themed RPG this month, but has already begun another update to the project as well! With over 300 playable walrus variants, a large map, and much more, this is certainly one of the most impressive and fully-featured TI-BASIC games available on the TI-84 Plus CE to date. If you haven’t already, be sure to give it a try!

  • FlowCE [C for TI-84+CE]: Returning to one of his older projects, jonbush has fixed a bug with saving, allowing users to now exit and re-open the game on their calculators without having to worry about losing their progress.
  • HexaEdit CE: On-calc hex editor: Captain Calc has released a new version of his hex editing program, with a new GUI look, much faster speed, and a handful of other improvements as well! With the ability to modify AppVars, ASM programs, and more, it’s a powerful tool that’s very useful for cheating highscores developers and anyone interested in doing a little on-calc hacking as well.

  • Latest News on TI-Trek: ACagliano has joined forces with TKB_Studios to continue work on TI-Trek this month, with TKB_Studios using a familiar face for a rendering test and ACagliano working on the backend on authentication and cryptography.

  • MyCalcs, a website for your graphing calculators collection!: Adriweb has added a dynamic userbar generator to MyCalcs, so now you can show off your calculator collection in your forum signature by simply copying a link from the website! Here’s what his looks like:

  • TINET - Connect your TI-84 Plus CE to the globe: TKB_Studios has started work on TINET, a program attempting to bring internet features like chatting to the TI-84 Plus CE. It uses a bridge program on the computer to communicate with the calculator, allowing it to reach the TINET servers. He’s already got a program you can download and try out yourself, so if you’ve never talked with someone on your calculator now’s your chance!
  • TInyAuth - A keyfile-based auth service for the TI-84+ CE: After an untimely data loss incident, ACagliano has rewritten his authentication library, along with redesigning the project’s webpage as well.
Check them out, don’t forget to vote, and see you next (backlogged) month!
TIny_Hacker has brought us Day 7 of the Twelve Days of PotY, switching back to 2023 now that we have reached the end of 2022. As always, we have an impressive line-up of projects, games, libraries, and tools. Three projects made it to PotM for July 2023, so vote for the best!
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