Welcome back to another Projects of the Month! Because the month of May means final exams for many, there were less projects being worked on than usual. Nonetheless we still had some very interesting projects in the works! So without further ado, here they are:
  • Bubbles!: SomeCoolGuy has continued work on their bubble shooter arcade game for the CE! This month, there were many optimizations and speed improvements made to the game, as well as a new bubble popping animation, a game over screen, and soon there will even be custom levels!

  • Citadel: A TI-84+CE Roguelike [C]: kilo has been hard at work on his roguelike roleplaying game for the CE, containing procedurally generated dungeons, enemies, and some rather cool animations! Be sure to check it out!

  • CryptX - Cryptography Bundle for the CE: ACagliano released version 12.1 of his increasingly powerful and diverse cryptography library for the TI-84 Plus CE.
  • DuckHunt Development [C]: After a long pause, Alvajoy123 is back working on their arcade shooter game, with stunning graphics and accuracy to the original Nintendo game! This month, Alvajoy has finished work on the 1-duck and 2-duck game modes, and has also started working on the clay shooting game mode. You don't want to miss this game!

  • Frankensteining an astrophotography mount together: ordelore started work on an astrophotography mount this month, specifically to control his camera and keep it aligned with the stars and numerous other celestial objects.
  • Pizza restaurant management game thing: This month, a new Cemetech member by the name of rollofsalami has announced work on a pizza restaurant game in TI-Basic, where you can hire drivers, chefs, and overall simulate running a real pizza joint on your very own calculator.
  • TInyAuth - A keyfile-based auth service for the TI-84+ CE: Cemetech member ACagliano continues his epic saga of cryptology libraries for the TI-84+ CE with an OAuth-inspired web authentication system for programs on the TI-84+ CE to integrate with. While he emphasizes that his system is not true OAuth, it is surely good enough for most purposes calculator-based. Take a look at his website, linked in the thread, for more information.

Since there were no completed projects this month, there will be no poll. But be sure to show your support to all the project authors! And we look forward to seeing you all in the next article.

Editor's note: Happy Day 2 of the Twelve Days of PotY! Be sure to check out these projects; no poll for this month.
Day 2 of the Twelve Days of PotY, thanks to Michael2_3B! As noted above, no projects were completed so there's no poll, but the projects are still as impressive as ever, so please check them out and give props where props are due. I personally am particularly impressed by ordelore8x's astrophotography work.
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