So far, I've created a simple Solar System model as my submission. Right now, all I have is the planets revolving around the sun.

I plan on adding the asteroid belts, some dwarf planets (Pluto!) and some other objects like comets. Also, there is a random chance you may see a RedSpacePanda flying through the model (in testing, I have only seen it two times). I also want to add a more realistic view of the solar system, and a way to select different planets/ dwarf planets to show some information about the planet.

If you want to see the source code, it's on my Github

The main goal of this is to learn about working with large amounts of sprite data, using appvars and compression to fit it on the TI-84 Plus CE.
Looks cool!
what language is this in?
Calculatordream wrote:
Looks cool!
what language is this in?

It's in C++.
This looks nice !
This is a great idea to propose such a solar system simulator as a screensaver.
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