I've been using TI-Basic to make my life with school and games I play easier. I recently started using SourceCoder3 (I don't like inputting text on the calculator) to make a program to randomize game settings for me and my friends. I know Java, Python and bash, looking to learn Axe and C/C++, possibly z80 ASM as well.
Hello,, I am glad to be a part of this community
I'm somewhat of an amateur with calculators in that I've only ever experimented with ti basic and the hybrid libraries but I am the president of a calculator club at my school and Kerm Martian has always been my hero(I have your book). I love the work you do. Thanks for one of my biggest hobbies.
Glad to have you [all] aboard! Be sure to head over to https://my.calcs.quest and document your graphing calculator[s] for the community :)
Hello, I am a high school student in America. I have amassed a fair calculator collection (can be seen here https://my.calcs.quest/u/511) and want to start learning to code in ASM. I want to focus on the eZ80 for my PCEs. I also want to get better at fixing old Z80 models as I got a set of broken ones and don't know where to start. Thanks for this website, I look forward to being a part of this community. Smile
Hi Guys I'm Peter! I'm a high school student and I'm really interested in Ti-Basic and I look forward to learning more about that. I am glad I am now a part of this great community! Smile
Welcome to Cemetech! I hope you have a great time, learn some cool things, and make some cool things to share with the community. Have a good time! Smile
Hello everyone!! I'm an american high schooler (junior) and I'm here because everything on this site just piques my interest, from the development tools and information about programming calculators in asm to the people and even the site's history and culture.

I don't have much experience programming calculators (I've written some scripts to automate tasks in math and chem, but nothing more); most of my experience i picked up writing server applications, basic computer vision, and robotics stuff in languages like py, php, and cpp; but programming calculators is something i want to get into if i ever get the time during the school year.

My other interests/activities include set creation and sound for high school theater, scouting and volunteering as medical staff for local community/national events.
Welcome to Cemetech, yearbook-milk! It's great to hear that you see a fit not only with the technical topics our members are passionate about but the history and culture as well. We look forward to you sharing both your non-calculator and calculator projects in Your Projects (or wherever appropriate).
Hello Cemetech! I'm an Australian high school student with an interest in technology. I've got some limited experience with Python, PHP, C#, HTML/CSS/JS and have quite enjoyed creating some small C programs for my CG50 AU. I hope to keep learning and do well in my upcoming exams.
Welcome! good luck on your exams.
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