Those store displays can be very useful when they're not too heavy. I wanted to get some from Target when they were closing and maybe Sears as well but by the time they marked the prices down the only stuff left was heavy stuff that can't be transported with a cab.
Yeah I was lucky enough that the pharmacist was literally 50 meters away from my apartment building...
When I was young I had a Casio wrist watch which was also a calc, with tiny rubber buttons. But I have lost it for decades.
Oooh I had one of those way back in the 90's. I don't remember what ever happened to it. Also I'm still eyeing an HP 39g+ (maybe to install a 48gII OS or NewRPL if it's compatible?) on Ebay but I'm unsure if I'm eligible to the Quebec $500 inflation offset due to my financial situation so I might be forced to postpone future calculator purchases.
Yes Casio have been practicing concept of crossover since 90s. I admire it. This could be one of the reasons why I'm so fond of the Casio brand.
Graphing calculator 100+ collection update! [Actually 105]
See my mycalcs for more!

I had them all laid out for a single picture but was unsatisfied with the quality it produced so I took two instead and am still disappointed… that's what I get for using an iPhone 5s, right? Razz.
The five calculators in the lower left are my prototypes.

I wanted one like this for a while. Now to figure out what games run on HW4 tho...
Nice acquisition, DJ Omnimaga!

LogicalJoe wrote:
Graphing calculator 100+ collection update!
How many of those TI-81s and TI-82s have fully working LCDs?
KermMartian wrote:
LogicalJoe wrote:
Graphing calculator 100+ collection update!
How many of those TI-81s and TI-82s have fully working LCDs?
All the defective ones should be labeled as such on Mycalcs either with "Screen" "LCD" "does not turn on" ect.
Todo: standardize
There we go I have updated MyCalcs with my current collection. More GrayLink cables than you can shake a stick at and other accessories.

Very old outdated image that I have likely posted before.
I have a ti 84 plus ce python and two to 84 pluses and one to 83 plus
I missed a TI83 at a tag sale. It was $26 then, the next day everything was supposed to be 75% off. Went back for it.. and it was gone.
I haven't gotten any new TI' since my nSpire touchpad CAS.
My son and I have been "branching out" a little. I got an HP49G+ at a low price on eBay. HP is very expensive to acquire which is why I collect TI.
My son went for a Casio for Python, and has a Numworks that is for evaluation.

trs80 wrote:
TI83+, no missing pixels and works fine. A little scuffed and one tiny screen scratch.
Went through all the steps to run the nSpire emulator on my laptop.
nSpire touchpad CAS arrived. I do have an older nSPire with both a touchpad and an 84 keypad. The
two touchpads are shaped differently: later model has a curved top while the older nSpire has a straight top.
Calculator was missing one of the screws for the battery compartment and is a little scuffed up but not too bad. I have tons of small screws from dismantling electronics for decades so hopefully I'll have the one that I need Smile . It can indeed take the rechargable battery or even more interestingly be powered from a wall charger. Doing research on that, if it's just a USB charger, then I'll use a USB battery.
Just bought a TI nSpire CAS touchpad off eBay. No rechargable battery so I'm doing research on that. More on this one when I receive it. This fills the "hole" in that we have in the collection, between the nSpire and a nSpire CX CAS. My son uses the nSpire with the 84SE keypad as his daily driver.
Added a TI86 rom 1.6.

It was shipped rattling around in a box with no padding whatsoever and miraculously made it all the way across the US with no damage! The screen is perfect, case has no major wear, and all buttons work.

I have another TI86 but its display has many lines which have defied fixing.
I've slowed way down as I've seen from the posts that it's only too tempting to amass a huge collection. Only one acquisition since the 92+ below. I acquired a TI89 and after some fiddling with the screen controls it works fine!

I've always liked the key legend colors and button shapes and look of the original TI89 over the Titanium.

I get the most comments on the 92+. Everyone I show it to thinks it's a label maker. Very Happy
Still owe that photo.. because the collection keeps expanding!
In addition to the 92+ mentioned below.. I scored a lot containing nine TI-82's in varying condition from eBay-for $1 plus shipping Very Happy Most have a bunch of missing pixel columns but one of them shows promise. I bought them to try the soldering iron heat the cable fix. That didn't work on the 82 hat I had prior. All of them boot and all are are intact save for one, and one of them is the older design.

Also.. I don't have qualms about buying older calcs labelled as School Property. Schools (especially the more affluent districts) upgrade their calcs and usually don't keep the old calcs around.

trs80 wrote:
Photo coming next when I round them up Smile :
TI82 eBay. Some horizontal lines. Haven't tried to fix.
TI83+SE eBay, advertised as non working but works fine!
TI84+ SE with pink and blue inserts. Bought new for kids when in school.
TI86 eBay. Some vertical lines to fix.
TI89 Titanium Goodwill, $8. The only TI graphing calc I've ever seen in a thrift store. I was walking past some lamps and it was sitting there and I snagged it.
TI Voyage 200 eBay. In very good condition and came with a cover and two link cables! This one is a lot of fun after owning the 89 Ti for awhile. I usually use the TI89 while wearing 4x magnifying glasses, I don't need those with the Voyage 200..
TI nSpire 1st edition with both keypads. eBay
TI nSpire CX CAS (2011 version) bought new for kid while in school: he was the only one in school who had one at the time. We're eyeing it for nDless..

We started out a few weeks ago having just the 84+ SE, 89 Titanium, and TI nSpire CX CAS. The others were acquired in the last month, I've just been looking, and lucked into them for the most part.

One more: I have a TI-59 programmable somewhere (still trying to find it) along with its PC100 docking station. Goodwill, at the same store, I found an HP46 printing scientific desk calc and an HP67 which I sold off.

UPDATE: found a bunch of basic function for kids TI108's at a yard sale. And just scored a TI92+ on eBay that is coming next week!

TI-84+CE, the faster 2018-present model, running OS 5.3.0 so I don't need to mess with arTIface
TI-84+SE with BOOT 1.00 (yay, downgrades :D)
TI-82, ROM version 18.0
HP 35s scientific calculator
TI-84+CE, the faster 2018-present model, running OS 5.3.0 so I don't need to mess with arTIface
TI-84+SE with BOOT 1.00 (yay, downgrades Very Happy)
TI-82, ROM version 18.0
HP 35s scientific calculator

Nice collection! You should make a MyCalcs account if you haven't yet.


It's been awhile since I posted in this thread so I figured I might as well make a collection update as well. Here's my current collection:
I went ahead and made a MyCalcs account as you suggested, username is the same as here on cemetech (ERR_NAME_INVALID) if you want to look. I don't have my '82 on me at the moment, but I'll add it when I get the chance.
LogicalJoe's collection as of May 26, 2023 (yes, almost exactly a year after the last one)
200+ (213) calculator update
Sorry for the wall of pictures, I'll make smaller previews later… just make your window less wide or something for now
As usual you can go look at stuff on my mycalcs.

TI-81 and TI-82 (68 calculators):

The rest of the TI-Z80 calculators (66 calculators):

TI-Nspire, and TI-Nspire CX, TI-80, TI-84 Plus CE/TI-83 Premium CE (41 calculators):

TI-68K, TI-73 Explorer Overheads, non-TI (18 calculators):

Stuff at Adriweb's (5 calculators):

Prototypes (15 calculators):

Again, here's a link to my mycalcs.
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