With resources for calculator hardware, software, and tooling strewn across the web and varying greatly in age and format, it can be difficult to track down the documentation you're looking for. As part of our endeavor to increase the accessibility of calculator programming, contributors to the TI-Toolkit have assembled awesome-ti-docs, a repository of calculator resources all in one place.

Each tool or document is organized by focus (ASM, TI-BASIC, etc.) and supported models (monochrome, CSE, eZ80, or Nspire), and includes a short description of its features and use cases. The list currently contains over 50 links to tools and documentation, but if you know one we've missed, please let us know! Types of links we are happy to record include
    - Documentation sites
    - Notable forum threads
    - Git repositories
    - Web tools
    - Documents and spreadsheets

Static and reliable mirrors of documents are preferred when possible. Furthermore, if you have any scripts or personal notes you'd like to share and preserve, now is the time to get them online! We've provided a dedicated branch of the repository as an option for hosting.

Contributions are welcome in the #awesome-ti-docs channel on our Discord server, in a GitHub issue, or you can open your own PR.

Note: This repository is not a place to advertise your own programs, regardless of how important you think they might be.
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