This is really late but HAPPPY BIRTHDAAYYY
Happy not belated birthday, iPhoenix!!
Happy timely birthday, iPhoenix!!
Happy punctual birthday, iPhoenix!!
Happy temporally accurate birthday, iPhoenix!!
happy birthday to the interactive phoenix
Happy anniversary of your day of birth, iPhoenix.

I hope you are doing well
Happy birthday!
Loveliest of birthdays to you, iPhoenix! *More virtual hugs.*
Happy birthday, iPhoenix! Very Happy
Thank you all for the warm birthday wishes Smile

This particular birthday of mine has been a bit rough for personal reasons, but I treated myself to something calculator-related: a 83+ VSC & accompanying viewscreen, something I've been fairly interested in getting my hands on for quite some time.
Happy b-day (:
Happy birthday!
Happy birthday!
Happy birthday!
Happy birthday!
Happy birthday!
Happy birthday!!
Happy birthday!
Happy belated birthday, iPhoenix! I hope it was a fun one.
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