Trying to look for a good way to create a way to go back to the previous menu you were on. I currently have a few menus, that each go to an action, and at the end of each action I have it Goto A1, which is at the bottom. I've currently stored the label of the menu you were just on in String1.


Lbl M1
Lbl M2
Lbl M4
Menu("ALL EQUATIONS 1","V=dt",E1,"V=(V1+V2)2",E2,"Vf=Vi+a*t",E3,"Vf=Vi+2*a*d",E4,"d=Vi*t+12*a*t",E5,"V=(2*V2)((V2V1)+1)",E6,"Fg=mg",E7,"Fnet=MA",E8,"Next Page",M5)
Lbl M5
Menu("ALL EQUATIONS 2","Ff=u*Fn",E9,"V=(2πr)T",E0,"Fc=(mV)r",EA,"Ac=Vr",EB,"T=1f",EC,"f=1T",ED,"Fc=Fnet",EE,"PreVious Page",M4,"Next Page",M6)
Lbl M6
Menu("ALL EQUATIONS 3","Impulse=Fnet*t",EF,"Impulse=/\P",EG,"Fnet*T=M(Vf-Vi)",EH,"P=m*V",EI,"P=P'",EJ,"W=F*d",EK,"Wnet=/\KE",EL,"PreVious Page",M5,"Next Page",M7)
Lbl M7
Menu("ALL EQUATIONS 4","KE=1/2*m*V",EM,"PE=m*g*h",EN,"(T)(r)",EO,"V=√(G*(mr))",EP,"g=G*(mr)",EQ,"Fg=G*(M1*M2r)",ER,"W=F*d",ES,"PreVious Page",M6,"Next Page",M8)
Lbl M8
Menu("ALL EQUATIONS 5","a")

Lbl A1
Goto Str1
"Goto Str1" is an invalid command and will cause an error. The Goto command can only have a 2-character label name after it; it's not going to read anything from Str1.

Besides totally rewriting the program, your best bet is:

Lbl A1
If Str1="M4"
Goto M4
If Str1="M5"
Goto M5
If Str1="M6"
Goto M6


This will individually check each possible label name that you want and go to that label when there is a match in Str1.
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