It would be nice to have a quick way to reply to reviews that people have posted for your files via DM or in the review thread itself. Here's what the reviews page currently looks like, for reference:

While this is fine for people browsing the archives, it would be very useful for the author of the file to have a quick way to access a review author's profile to address issues that are mentioned in the review. Here's one mockup of what that might look like:

This assumes that the "reply" link, when clicked, would open a new DM addressed to the author of the respective review, perhaps with some pregenerated placeholder text, like "This message is in response to your review of [whatever program, link here]."

Another alternative, probably harder to implement but that would be potentially more helpful to people browsing the archives, would be to allow the author to post responses to reviews in the review thread itself--which could be used to respond to bugs that were reported, features that were requested, and so on as new versions were uploaded. The text that notes that the review was about a previous version of the file is a nice indication of the potentiality of inaccuracies in the review, but it would be neat if the author could personally respond to whatever feedback was given for posterity.

Anyway, from my perspective this would be a fairly meaningful change in the archives browsing experience that would allow prospective downloaders to receive accurate, timely information about files in the archives and prevent outdated reviews from coloring their expectations of the file.
Yes I agree this should be added.
Yes, I agree as well; this is similar to a feature from Spigotmc (an example of such implemented feature can be seen on any popular Spigotmc plugin page (This is an example page demonstrating that feature: Edit: For the example you may have to scroll down quite a bit after clicking the link
I think this would be a great idea! It would make feedback relationship between user and author a lot easier Smile
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