I think that the archives should have an option to link the download to the latest release on the GitHub for the project, (If specified and selected by the user). This is a feature on TI-Planet, and would mean that people didn't need to constantly remember to update both the Cemetech archive with any new release, minor or major. Like TI-Planet, it would be good to still have a fallback upload of the file just in case GitHub was broken, but this would help with a lot of issues.

For example, recently many people were complaining about a crash in Cesium. This crash had been fixed in the latest release, but the latest release was only on GitHub, not updated on Cemetech. This means that many people who thought they were using the latest version still encountered this bug. (For the record, the Cemetech archive has still not been updated.) However, if one was to download from TI-Planet, they would always have the latest version, because it simply links to the GitHub releases page.

Some users might not want this, so I feel like they should have the option to choose whether or not it is linked to GitHub on the file upload form, especially since not every project has a GitHub repository.
Yes. Good.
I agree this would be very nice - if only all the websites had this!
Yep, better for users and authors alike!
I fully support this
I add my name to the petition
This would be nice.
I think this is a very good idea and would definitely make things easier for several users I'm sure.
In my opinion the main downside to this is that it would allow you to update files without the updates being approved by an admin. Someone could potentially upload something safe to GitHub, then have it be approved, then push a malicious update that does not need an approval step.

GitHub integration in a way that doesn't change this would be interesting, but definitely a lot more work. You could use the GitHub releases API to inform users that there's a newer version than the one that's in the archives, and provide a link to the releases page. This could also automatically submit the new version to the archives queue for approval.
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