What is going on with the topmost pixel row and the far right column of those images.
It seems to be a very specific CEmu bug where if I click 'Copy PNG' then directly paste to Imgur, it messes up the image. If I use 'Save PNG' or I paste to a different application like Paint then it looks normal. I can make a CEmu issue. The photos don't have that artifact on the actual calculator.
Honestly was not expecting to see any more progress on this project, but it's nice to see it return! I'm particularly impressed by that panning and zooming.

You probably only want to compress the image data, as if there are any header strings that you're using you'd need to do some magic to detect them otherwise (which is an issue that I ran into with VYSION 2 at one point).

I'm still a bit concerned about the image size here--it looks like you should expect the average 320x240 image to be ~50k if it's compressed? Let's just hope no one wants to put more than one of those super high-definition images on the calc...

Anyway, keep up the good work! I'm particularly excited to see the space efficiency of those compressed 16bpp images once you get them working.
Invalid_Jake wrote:
You should make a github page to convert the images so people who cant download and run the program can convert images.
Thankfully Tari made a converter using Rust for any modern web browser! I've confirmed it works with the v0.0.1-Alpha!
Yep saw it very excited to use it even though I'm on windows thanks for the work on this program. I really enjoy your channel and your programs. Anyways this is cool. Smile Very Happy
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