welcome Rebeler, what language do you specialize in? I mainly use TI-Basic.
Rebeler wrote:
hello everyone, i'm new

Hello new! Razz

Jokes aside, welcome to Cemetech! I'm excited to see what you bring to the community. Smile
Hello I'm newish havent got around to posting here lol.
Hello, I've been using this website for a little while and finally decided to make an account and post a program. I have a ti84+ce, know c (idk how to use it here tho), Know TI basic, and just made my first ICE program
Here is Malachite, a Graphing Calculator amateur
TI-nspire CX II CAS heavy user
Attempting to make a incomplete CAS myself, with TI-BASIC (seems crazy?)
Heya! I was locked up for a long time. (long story) I learned z80/ez80 assembly with the help of some printouts and a few books. As I had no access to a pc, assembler, internet, etc. I needed something to help me write assembly programs (which I assembled by hand using an opcode chart). Anyway, after I was released from captivity, I was going to upload and document my hundred plus programs. After uploading and taking screenshots of program (group) number 2, I was like "nope" because I'm lazy.

Anyway, if you want to convert bases, https://demonx.org/ti/apps/HND.8xg is helpful. Thi8s is a program group of programs and subs to convert between bases and other things ( https://demonx.org/ti/ ). Written on 84Plus-CE, have not tried running it on any other machine, your mileage may vary. Also, I wrote a (kind of) quine in machine code on the 84Plus CE. I'll post that later. https://demonx.org/ti/
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