When I started off learning 83 TI-BASIC, I wondered what it was like to program in something like assembly or AXE. I always saw ASM as some super difficult language but I never made any attempt to learn it.
But after I learned more popular languages like Python and C, and how relatively simple they were, they inspired me to take the plunge and finally learn how to write games and programs in ASM.
Today I made my first ever ASM program with the help of Fghsgh and Calc84maniac. Womp Womp said I should make a thread that documents my progress with learning ASM.

Today marks the start of my journey in learning Z80 Assembly, hopefully by the end of this I will be able to make fun games and useful programs!!
Without further ado...

June 22nd 2022
Today I learned how to build and use SPASM and the basic syntax of ASM. I used Visual Studio Code to create the source code of the program with the help of Liberal_Eater's syntactic highlighting extension.
I then learned that the Mathprint feature causes some bugs with the PutS function. After that, I tested out the program with the jsTIfied emulator.
Well done!

Always great to see someone starting out with ASM.

My suggestion is to read up on the hardware and OS via the wiki: https://wikiti.brandonw.net/index.php?title=Calculator_Documentation

And to check out programs with src on ticalc.org or github and to 'start at the start' so the speak without trying to make someone overly complex right off the bat.

And of course to ask any questions on the forums or in the chat Very Happy.

It'll be a long and difficult journey but I am sure it'll be worth it.
And yeah, I will read up on the wiki, I heard from many programming communities, ASM becomes easier the more you understand the underlying hardware.
And I will check out the source code of many programs, I am visual learner and I'd rather learn from examples then to read a ton of tutorials.

And I will not hesitate to ask any questions, I am very lucky compared to early Z80 ASM programmers in the sense that I have access to many resources online while they only had the official documentation to work with.
Graphing Calculator
Good on you for taking the challenge! Being the nostalgic old guy that I am, I'll enjoy re-living the learning Z80 experience through what you post here Smile

And like tr1p1ea said, don't be afraid to reach out if you have questions.
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