Hi Mateo,

Thank you

Where can I get documentation on how to use Pineapple CAS please?

That's what I really need.

Thank you sir,
Read the readme: https://github.com/nathanfarlow/PineappleCAS#usage
Hi Mateo,

Wow.....A bit beyond my understanding.

I thought that this CAS would run on templates, not coding.

Thank you,
The part that Mateo linked was for interfacing with the program from TI-BASIC programs, you can ignore that. You don't need to do that to use the program.

You'll want to put the equation that you want to use in Y1 from the Y= menu. Then, run PineappleCAS from Cesium, arTIfiCE, or the TI-OS homescreen. Set the input variable to Y1, the output variable to Y2, select the operation you want to do on the left side, and then hit the button on the right side of the screen. Your result will be back on the Y= screen as Y2.
Thank you Commandblockguy,

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