Those store displays can be very useful when they're not too heavy. I wanted to get some from Target when they were closing and maybe Sears as well but by the time they marked the prices down the only stuff left was heavy stuff that can't be transported with a cab.
Yeah I was lucky enough that the pharmacist was literally 50 meters away from my apartment building...
When I was young I had a Casio wrist watch which was also a calc, with tiny rubber buttons. But I have lost it for decades.
Oooh I had one of those way back in the 90's. I don't remember what ever happened to it. Also I'm still eyeing an HP 39g+ (maybe to install a 48gII OS or NewRPL if it's compatible?) on Ebay but I'm unsure if I'm eligible to the Quebec $500 inflation offset due to my financial situation so I might be forced to postpone future calculator purchases.
Yes Casio have been practicing concept of crossover since 90s. I admire it. This could be one of the reasons why I'm so fond of the Casio brand.
Graphing calculator 100+ collection update! [Actually 105]
See my mycalcs for more!

I had them all laid out for a single picture but was unsatisfied with the quality it produced so I took two instead and am still disappointed… that's what I get for using an iPhone 5s, right? Razz.
The five calculators in the lower left are my prototypes.
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