Hey guys, been working on a project lately. First calc project in probably 4 or 5 years Very Happy
I wrote an assembler and virtual machine for a uni project, and thought it would be fun to fiddle around with an on-calc assembler. I remember using mimas on the Ti-84, since I didn't have a computer to program on and transfer files. I know mimas is a very very packed program, and I don't think I intend on having quite the full featured editor that that provided.
However, I'm having fun and will keep adding more and more things.

=on calc text editor
-Alpha, loweralpha, and "normal" button modes
-Clear copies to buffer (will eventually have paste)
=2 pass assembler (LOADS MORE TODO)
-Loads symbol tables correctly from D1A881 base
-Gets symbol table values and inserts them little endian style
-Dissects opcodes for specific 2 byte code (i.e HL, xx & H, x)
-Converts .db strings into hex
=Creates the program and writes data


=Text editor
-Options: -Add text scale option
-Colored syntax highlighting
-non-alphanumeric symbol picker
-Paste: The clear button does copy to a buffer, just haven't added a key to paste it back
=Open vars: Need to add the capability to open and save to appvars, the example program is
currently in static memory
=All opcodes
-I have only added the 3 opcodes (LD HL, xx; call xx; ret) That I needed for the example program
Very Happy
-Addresses of calls added, currently only have _Puts
I am very much looking forward to this. I love programming on-calc, and currently the most powerful thing is ICE (or hex assembly) This would make assembly programming on-calc so much easier. Please keep going with this!
So, in the spirit of mimas (mostly because I think the gui is great), I decided to do my program similarly.
Currently implementing a labels table (heh), that shows a list of current labels in your program.

Working on the different label options,
Paste: Pastes selected label into the program at current line
Jump: Jumps to where label is defined
Replace: Replaces all occurrences of the label in the program with the new name

What are some other options I should add for labels specifically?
Wow, coming back with a vengeance, zeldaking; good for you! An on-calculator ASM editor/compiler for the ez80 calculators is definitely something that we see requested quite a bit. I'm afraid I can't think of anything else you should offer users to be able to do with labels!
Just getting around to seeing this now, unfortunately. The project looks very good, zeldaking, there seems to be impressive progress already (looks like the assembler, text editing, and a good portion of the GUI are already working, at least partially?).

As for the label options, I might like to see a "find all" option, to go along with the replace all one, possibly with some kind of highlighting as well. If you could extend this to arbitrary strings as well, to support more of a complete find/replace feature, I'd consider that a worthy addition as well, although I'm not sure if it would be practical or useful to add. I can't think of anything else at the moment, however.

Keep up the good work, I'm looking forward to seeing more updates on this, as we don't really have a good graphical assembly IDE/assembler on the CE (there's BASM-3, but that doesn't have as nice of an interface). Keep us updated!
Great project! Very Happy
I would really like to learn ez80, but there was no way to do it oncalc (yet), so I used ICE until now...
I think it's a great thing that you take on this challenge!
Many will be grateful and perhaps more young people will learn ez80 as a result.
I personally want to learn ez80 so that I can use it to program on my calculator,
but programming on the PC is too complicated for me (include lists, assembler usage) and, above all,
I hardly enjoy it.
I would be very happy to program in ez80 on the calculator myself, beyond hex code!

I want to support you here with ideas!

And I have a first question: What syntax highlighting do you want to use?
I really appreciate a dark and a light mode.

Also: It`s not a monospace font yet.
Thanks! I’ve been wanting to program on-calc assembly for a while, but don’t have access to a computer that often, and I don’t want to jailbreak the calculator. This is the perfect solution! Now all we need is a good tutorial!
I'm fairly sure that this itself is a C/ASM program so running it on newer calculators would require the jailbreak - Though it should be noted that the jailbreak doesn't modify your calculator or do anything bad btw.

I wonder if zeldaking has any updates?
I am able to upload Asm and C programs on my 4.0.047 OS, but not write them. I don’t know why that works, but I only tried uploading them after uploading Cesium, so that might be why.
This looks promising! Good job on what you have so far Very Happy.
Is there a link, though?
Heh, sorry this has been a long time without updates. I tossed all my ui code since it wasn't pretty. I was making it too large for repurpose usages, and the way I was attaching custom routines to buttons within a window and child window wasn't my favorite. So I rewrote all the base ui to a much cleaner and happier place (still messssy).
I will be working on this much more after I graduate this semester, and now that the ui base is almost done and much cleaner it'll be easier.
I do want to finish this! (eventually)
You have this in the archives? Currently learning assembly, and would love compile on-calc versus on computer (computer and calc are rarely available at the same time) or manually (a nightmare). Also, sorry about how non-informed I was two months ago on this thread, I've done some research since then.
It’s been a year since the last reply, I really wish there was a public pre release
Paradoxically, the Cemetechians (and community members) with the skills most likely to let them finish ambitious projects like this one are also the ones with the most other life obligations that prevent them from actually finishing them. Hopefully Zeldaking gets a break to work on this, but I don't expect them too - school/work/life should come first.
unfortunately, you are completely right. Hobbies can only take up so much time. and none of us are being paid to do this stuff.
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