M3EC is a script that turns a series of simple content manifest files into the code required to build a Minecraft Mod. It has support for a variety of content types, such as simple blocks/items, tools/tool materials, ores, and more!
M3EC mod building is designed to require as few files as possible. Have you ever found yourself adding countless files to countless nested directories just to make a simple content mod? M3EC can build a working content mod for all the versions and modloaders it supports with only 3 files: the mod's main manifest, a png image, and a content manifest!

M3EC supports building for a wide variety of modloaders and game versions from fabric 1.16.5 to 1.18.2 and forge 1.16.5! (with 1.12.2 support planned) It can even build and launch the mod for you and select the appropriate JDK automatically!

M3EC GitHub: https://github.com/beckadamtheinventor/M3EC

Although the documentation is very much incomplete, M3EC comes with an example mod (with most if not all features used) to help get you started.
M3EC Docs: https://beckadamtheinventor.github.io/M3EC/
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