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Well I guess I should start out by saying Hiii to the Cemetech community
And let me get right to the point: It is written in the coding language "C" and i just scratched the surface of what its potential has
I still need editors, collaborators, discord server managers, and github managers (I should be able to handle the rest) Very Happy
The Github link is right here [url] https://github.com/QuillPlayzYT/TI-Battle-Royale [/url]
also if you need to contact me check the new instructions.md
Welcome to Cemetech o/
10:19:59 PM [Alvajoy123] gn o/
10:19:32 PM [#] [D] [QuillPlayzYT] well good night everyone
10:19:23 PM [#] [D] [QuillPlayzYT] yeah like i said it has to be sorted tomorrow
10:19:10 PM [Alvajoy123] looks messy Smile

"your code looks a bit messy Smile "

Just looked at one of you files "main.c", The code is very very messy here is how you can fix it:

 * Program Name:BATROYAL
 * Author: QuillPlayzyT
 * License: -
 * Description: Battle Royale for the TI 84 Plus CE

#include <tice.h>
#include <graphx.h>
#include <keypadc.h>
#include <stdbool.h>
#include <stddef.h>
#include <stdint.h>
#include <stdio.h>
#include "gfx/gfx.h"

void main(void)
   bool signinstatus = true;
    bool allowgamekp = true;
    int playerx = 50;
    int playery = 50;
    bool gamestatus = false;
        for (uint24_t filltilex = 0; filltilex < 320; filltilex+=16) {
            for (uint8_t filltiley = 0; filltiley < 240; filltiley) {
        if (gamestatus) {
            if (allowgamekp) {
            if (kb_Data[7] & kb_Up)
               playery = playery++;
            if (kb_Data[7] & kb_Down)
               playery = playery--;
            if (kb_Data[7] & kb_Left)
               playerx = playerx--;
            if (kb_Data[7] & kb_Right)
               playerx = playerx++;


        gfx_PrintStringXY("Battle Royale",140,100);
        gfx_PrintStringXY("Pre Release 1.0",136,110);
        gfx_PrintStringXY("2nd To Login with your TIBR account ",70,120);
      if (signinstatus == 1) signinstatus = 2;
      if(kb_Data[1] && kb_2nd && signinstatus == 0) {
         signinstatus = 1;
    } while(!(kb_Data[6] & kb_Clear));

Thanks alvajoy I will place this new code into my project and continue coding
Once I get the game mechs, I will need some stuff from the community
Gun Ideas
Map Ideas
a way to set collision events
and much more that i cant think of here
I have had to stop production on this project due to my computer breaking down late last year. But I will be working on this project again soon, thanks for being patient and I hope that I'm able to work on this soon again. For now I will be working on a TI-BASIC Program called DEADMATH, I should be releasing a new forum/topic by the end of the day
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