Heya, I am making a map and walking engine using sprites and tilemaps for the TI-82 Advanced Édition Python. It's written in pure TI-BASIC so it will kinda be slow (reminiscent of some of my very old monochrome RPGs), especially on pre-M TI-83PCE/84+CE calculators, but it should still be playable as the person sprite I have tried making can be drawn much faster than certain solid tiles. Here is what I got so far:

I cannot use any ASM, ICE or C libs, because on the 82AEP I am limited to TI-BASIC and an even more barebones version of Python than the one on CE calcs. However, significantly faster map loading can be achieved by drawing less complex tiles (the slowest ones are the ones that requires a full background to be drawn).

As for monsters I will probably implement dynamic color palettes so that I can reuse the same sprites multiple times. As you can see, after the map is done loading the battle is triggered for demo purposes and the screen "darkens" so that the monster can be seen easier. (kinda like in Lufia and the Fortress of Doom). All monsters are 16x16 scaled up.

I also made a map and enemy sprite editor to speed up development of any possible game.

I might move development over to my older, slower TI-84+CE soon, though, because this new calc looks like it's eating AAA batteries blazing fast! Shock
I'm amazed to see projects for the 82AEP, I look forward to seeing the 84PCE Port of the game.
Thanks! Don't worry, this will work on CE calcs without modifications, although on older revisions it might be kinda slow, like my old monochrome graphical RPGs. The engine kind of pushes things a little too far: With fewer different tiles and less complex ones speed goes up significantly, especially if all tiles on which the main character can be located on are the same background color (so that I just need to use Pt-Off and not redraw the tile). For example, in my map the brick tile needs a background while in a platformer where the background is black I could just remove that bg entirely.

There are also a lot of subprograms included in the Cemetech download, and most will go away or won't be used. Since I often program on-calc I try to dodge the slow ERR:BREAK/Goto error process by splitting my code into multiple files until I am done with specific parts of the game.
This looks neat! What is the flashing for over the grass and the tint on the house for? I'm excited to see what you do with this project! Very Happy
Oh the flashing and tinted screen effect is the battle intro animation. The tinted screen is inspired from Lufia and the Fortress of Doom. I added a darker square around the enemy to make it easier to distinguish from the background, though.
Will there ever be any plans to make this for any other platforms (84+CE?) anytime soon?

By the way, this looks great. Keep it up!
I think this should work on the CE normally anyways?
Ooooh, it's in TI-BASIC I was (somehow) under the impression that it was made in whatever version of Python the TI-82 whatchamacallits has (I've given up on trying to keep TI's naming schema straight. It's just a royal mess...)
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