Small progress update.. doors can now open and close, and more wall tile decorations have been added (pressure plates, ceiling holes, floor holes, shelves, buttons & levers).

I've implemented an inheritance system for the various wall types, eg. when drawing a wall with a lever on it, it draws the standard wall tile first, then the smaller lever tile over the top (as opposed to having a full set of "wall with lever" tiles). In theory it takes slightly more drawing time, but saves substantially on sprite data, and speed isn't a problem.

There are a few more wall decorations I want to add in for now, then I'll probably do some work on the party/character stuff.
Characters in the party now have faces, and I've cleaned up the party & inventory views around the new smaller font.

The basics of multiple tilesets are implemented too, as there potentially will be 4-5 different tilesets throughout the game. The below clips show the first tileset and another one with the party walking through the same area (the second tileset doesn't have any decorations as yet).

I've included the top down view to help with orientation when watching the clips. I do eventually plan to have an in-game map that populates as you explore each level. The original EoB didn't have this but that was seen as a missed opportunity, and the All Seeing Eye (ASE) mod has been popular for years now for people replaying the old game, or even for modding the game. Big thanks to the ASE creators as it's been super useful to create custom maps in EoB as I work through capturing all graphics assets.
Wait, so this is for the CSE, not the CE?
I think an in-game mini-map would be a great help - also loving the progress and especially the new tiles Very Happy
darkwater4213 wrote:
Wait, so this is for the CSE, not the CE?
No it's for the CE, I've edited the original post now to point that out Smile

I did notice a comment in SAX before from randomguy mentioning the face sprite for Mateo being funny.. I should point out that all the graphics are originally from EoB, so I can't take credit for them. For testing I randomly assigned faces to the party members, and I agree, Mateo got the funny one Wink All up there are 48 character faces to choose from.
JamesV wrote:
For testing I randomly assigned faces to the party members, and I agree, Mateo got the funny one Wink

Actually that's the strongest character in the game lol.
This is looking great! Keep up the awesome work, and I can't wait to see what you do next!
I've added some very rudimentary party creation to select the race, class, alignment, face and name of your 4 starting characters (you can potentially add more characters to the party throughout the game).

There are some restrictions on what races can be certain classes, and also around character alignment for various classes, in particular a Paladin won't join a party that has an "evil" character in it; consequently if you select a Paladin as a party member (like I did above), no "evil" characters can then be added.

I still need to add to this where you rolls for stats on each character (strength, intellect, dexterity, etc.) And of course it needs to look much more aesthetically pleasing Laughing
I like the choice so far. The character faces are cool too.
Looks very nice so far. Definitely could improve menus, but I personally think aesthetics and user-friendliness always come at the end (variable inputs in TI-BASIC, anyone?). Perhaps add some graphics settings, such as how far the map renders (3 blocks, 4 blocks, etc.), which tileset to use, whether other characters appear on your screen, hide or minimize the compass, and so on. Also, is the black box at the bottom essentially an event log?

(On my last post: I had yet to discover how pagination works on here lolÖ Didnít realize there was more discussion after the first dozen posts smh)
This is super neat -I love the classical game graphics and feel that it gives off. Also those are some great class alignment descriptions haha.

Does the program have a Cesium icon yet? Smile
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