As some of you know, I spend my time these days on my startup Geopipe, which creates the AI to build a digital twin of reality. Bringing the inspiration behind Geopipe full-circle, we've published our New York City as an immersive, fully buildable, 1:1 Minecraft world. That's over 1.6 billion square meters of Minecraft blocks: and was built by AI (not by hand) in a day.

It's open now, so come explore, create, and help us perfect the Big Apple. We'll soon be launching a scavenger hunt (with prizes), build contests, a virtual New Year’s ball drop in Times Square, and more.

Watching the stream the other day was very entertaining.

In the blog you ask what city you should try next.. I think it would be really cool to see how it generates a city like Venice, assuming there's enough data available to do so.

I hope to jump on this weekend to take a run around virtual NYC!
Awesome work as always, this is really seriously impressive, especially the speed that you've managed to get. Also, with the new focus on the "metaverse" and virtual experiences, I see some real monetization potential in the project as well.

New York City is a great starting place, maybe try some other well-known United States city next (Chicago, San Francisco, Boston, St. Louis, etc.)? Having it try some kind of landscape might be interesting as well, if GeoPipe can do that (possibly not, it looks like you're mostly focusing on cities based on the website).

Also, what were the hardware details of the machine you used to run this generation? I assume a standard desktop couldn't get the kind of speed you did, especially over a sustained period.
Thanks for the kind words, folks! We certainly think that Geopipe has a foundational role in the infrastructure underlying the Metaverse, although we avoided that particular buzzword here and left it to people to make that connection themselves. Yes, we definitely want to add more cities to the Minecraft server soon: San Francisco, for example, has much more interesting terrain than New York City.

This was generated on about 60 cores of cloud machine from a major cloud services company (plus unspecified other resources - GPUs, RAM, etc.), and certainly couldn't be done in a day on a consumer machine. Geopipe's system is highly parallelized, hence how we're able to get such a speedup.

If you've enjoyed our scavenger hunts on the Cemetech Minecraft server in the past, we've also rolled out a scavenger hunt on the Geopipe MC server:
Here's an HD image of a subpar McDiddles I've been reconstructing on the corner of West 51st and Broadway.
There is no inside yet, and there's definitely no ice-cream.

KermMartian wrote:
If you've enjoyed our scavenger hunts on the Cemetech Minecraft server in the past, we've also rolled out a scavenger hunt on the Geopipe MC server:

Your twitter links the original post on the Geopipe site, at least from what I can tell. Are the rules/requirements out for the hunt yet? It's gonna be pretty crazy racing around, I hope my potato laptop can do a 16 chunk render distance! You should probably do Italy at some point so you can brag to investors about literally building Rome in a day.

EDIT: I found the first clue back at spawn.
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