As the title says, is there a way I can change 8xk files to 8xp so that they also work on the TI-84 Plus CE?
I wanted to try this game out
but couldn't because it said the file was broken.
Thanks for any help!
8xks are flash applications, which can't just be converted to programs. You would need to disassemble (or get the source code for) the application, modify it to support the CE's hardware and OS, and then reassemble it. Alternatively, you could write a TI-84+ emulator for the CE and run it on that.

If you just want to try it out, it's far easier to run it on a PC emulator like jsTIfied (though, obtaining a ROM for one is left as an exercise for the reader).
In other words: ROMs are illegal to download or share unless you own the device the ROM was dumped from (or have a license for one -- go to TI's website for more).
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