I feel kind of dumb for asking this, but is there a non-blocking way to get an extended keycode? I'm just trying to input text the same way the OS does, i.e. 2nd and alpha modify the keys and a different character is put on the screen. os_GetCSC is non-blocking, but doesn't take into account the modifiers, and os_GetKey does account for them, but is blocking. So on that front I'm stuck.
I figured out a very simple way of achieving this: use os_GetCSC() and just keep track of 2nd and alpha manually as bit 0 and bit 1 in the same byte. Then use that byte to index a 4x50 LUT for characters for the next characters. It's a little more involved than that because of alpha lock and lowercase alpha, so extra logic is in order, but that can be easily implemented.
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