Video effects courtesy of my roomate juju2143. This is the official video for my song Rejection:

That's probably my favorite song from the album! It's great.
Thanks a lot Caleb ^^
I have some great news: My newest album "Maze of Life" is finally released! This 17 tracks album features various music genres, including electronic power metal, eurodance, trance, UK hardcore, video game soundtrack and even my first eurobeat song ever: Attack of the Nuclear Kittens.

Head over to to listen to it!
By the way, if anyone ever wanted a DJ Omnimaga t-shirt in the past, then they are now a reality! There is also a hoodie available.

I also updated the first post of this topic to be more up to date.
So since my last post in this thread I have released the following albums and a single:

I also released two compilations: One includes all power metal songs I made since late 2014 and the other is a free download of many of my songs.

I am currently working on my 15th album, but that will take a long while, like most of my past albums. Two songs are already available, though:
Here is an EP featuring multiple versions of my 2017 song Clouded Future, which was used during Superstar Hero game introduction. The UK hardcore remix was released in 2020, while the house, eurodance and extended electronic power metal remixes were released in September 2021.

It will be released on Spotify, Amazon, Apple Music, Deezer and some other music stores in the next few weeks.

Btw, could a staff member move this topic to the music section? Thanks in advance. Smile
I went with some frenchcore this time around:

I also released a Christmas music cover of Jingle Bells two weeks ago:
Here is a Playstation 1 cover of a power metal song by Dreamtale called Lady Dragon:

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