I've been playing through all the original Kirby series again, this time going for 100% completion. Right now I'm on Kirby's Nightmare in Dreamland.

Occasionally, I play Pokemon Unbound (Fan-made Pokemon ROM Hack) or Super Mario World (I'm still trying to get to all the secret areas).
darkwater4213 wrote:
Destiny 2. I (somehow) am at just over <>1300, but still can't hold my own in the Crucible. Mostly I just keep doing nightfall after nightfall after nightfall...

Same, I've been playing D2 & Borderlands 3 a bit. I don't play often so I'm not into the grind of D2, so I end up missing a bit of the social aspect of the game such as the raids.

I don't touch PvP at all, aside from Gambit.
Mainly Minecraft for the last few months, but about to take some time out to get some other things done. I did replay the Amiga version of The Addams Family last weekend, then found my Steam account and loaded up AOE2 for a few games against the AI.

tr1p1ea wrote:
I also built a Win98 PC and have been playing Indiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantis, which is great! Also plan on playing some other classic SCUMM style games.

Classic SCUMM games are so much fun! I never actually got around to playing Maniac Mansion, but spent hundreds of hours on DotT, Indy Last Crusade, Secret of Monkey Island, Zak McKracken, Loom and The Dig.
The Dig is one game I never played originally, even though I got it in a LucasArts collection ages ago. I think after Indy I will play that one next.
I'm mainly playing through Celeste, Minecraft, Superhot, and Hyper Light Drifter.
I thought about shelling out the $25 for it; it looked like a really good game.
I haven't yet, but I'll probably get it if and/or when it goes on sale.
I've recently been playing The Longing. It's a unique idea and so far I really like it.
My three most frequent games I play now, in the limited time I have for gaming, are Pokemon Go, Train Simulator (Classic), and Heroes of the Storm. In raw minutes spent, I probably invest the most in Pokemon Go, since I tend to keep it open while I walk about, but Train Simulator is probably the one I enjoy the most. Shocking, I know.
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