I bought the ti nspire cx II cas for school, because I needed a cas calculator in addition to my casio fx cg50. I've wrote some programs on my casio calculator in casio basic and using the prizm SDK. Now I wonder how i can write programs on a ti calculator with the built in language or with a sdk. Can someone help me?
On the calculator side, you can use the built-in Nspire TI-Basic and Python editors, as well as Jens' Script Editor for Lua.
On the computer side, the Nspire computer software enables you to edit TI-Basic, Lua and Python programs; for native code programs, there's the Ndless SDK.
Are there any documentaions on the ndless sdk, because I researched it a little bit and don't understand a thing. Smile
Could you be more specific, so that we can help you better ? Smile
For me:
* the two first links returned by Google, namely http://ndless.me/ and https://ndlessly.wordpress.com/native-development-intro/ , point to relevant resources about Ndless, its SDK and usage thereof (although the latter is dated);
* the third returned link https://tiplanet.org/forum/viewtopic.php?f=20&t=24863 is a recent topic where we helped a user build the Ndless SDK on Cygwin for Windows (a slow, cumbersome build process, because Windows). The topic is written in French, but the commands and a number of pieces of information it contains are language-independent.
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