It's pretty common knowledge that the two major hotspots in the TI community are the US and France.

While a few programs are released in both English and French, this is extremely rare- most of the time, programs only support one language. Games that use minimal text aren't really an issue- but RPGs can be nigh-unplayable for those who don't know the language.

I propose that there should be more of a unified effort to translate programs into other languages- perhaps something like a TI Translation Group? Yes I know the acronym is terrible

The advantages of this are obvious- utilities would be more accessible, and this would allow games to reach a more international audience.

I know the era of programming groups has long since past, but I think something like this wouldn't suffer from as many logistical issues due to the amount of tools available to help with translation, or more specifically, localization.

What do you think? Is this unrealistic, or something with potential?
This is a great post but the premise that this is a problem that needs solving is just wrong.
I don't even think I've seen a French RPG. I feel like everything is in English and the French users in the community can generally speak English. Is there a specific game that you are struggling with?
The RPG userbase on French TI websites used to be very small, which is why in 2003-2005 I translated most of my games (although back then my English was very bad, so the translations suffered) to English and eventually stopped releasing any in French. However, I need to check my download stats on TI-Planet to see what I could maybe translate...

-First Fantasy is a pain because SourceCoder, strings of lowercase text and the sub() command do not mix and on-calc CE dev is a pain.

-I also had plans for a second translation of The Reign of Legends 2 (the most mistranslated of all, especially the sentence "NOBODY'RE HERE.")

-Illusiat is already translated, although with occasional typos or missing text. Illusiat 6 itself has two different English translations (dunno how that happened).

-The PC version of Reuben Quest 3 has a French and German translations, but I don't think they are available in the calculator version. The first two games were never translated.

-Darkblaster in French is being considered, but first I wanna see the TI-Planet download stats... I do not know how many TI-82 Advanced and TI-84 Plus-T users are still around.
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