I know there is already a version of super smash brothers in Axe!
However, I was wondering if it would be worth my time to make another one, as I feel like it would be a good project to get my feet wet a bit more with Axe programming.
The reason I specify super smash LAND is that it was a gameboy style demake that has a similar style of what I would go for.
The main difference is that my version wouldn't have zooming in and out like the other one, it would either be a static screen or a scrolling screen that centers around your character.
I also want to add at least 4 characters, and unlockable characters too (if i get that far).
Maybe even "CPU"s! Imagine that: a computer-controlled opponent on a calculator!

I will need a lot of help/advice for this, but feel the result will be worth it.
My biggest problems that I see are:
- making collisions work
- projectiles
- Reading and writing to appvars
- making all the a sprites!

As of now, the characters I wanna add are kirby, Link, and Luigi. (not mario screw that)

Any advice or ideas are welcome!
You could maybe inspire yourself from Kart Fighters for the NES. It's a pirate clone of Street Fighter with Mario characters.


Oh and finally a Mario-related game where Mario isn't the main character. Very Happy
Clearly there is a need for Bowser and Pichu Razz
Alright, I will add Pichu instead of Pikachu, and maybe add bowser (and mega man cuz why not) as unlockables.
Also, big question:
Should I add Ruben? Or characters from some games on the ti 84+?? That would be fun Smile
Any ideas would be appriciated!
Thanks for Kart fighters, I will look at that.
alright i finished my first sprite:

this static sprite can move around the screen and flips when you move left vs right.
i want to add a walking animation, and a jumping one, then i will add physics to the game!
i am making kirby first because the sprites will be the easiest in my opinion.
I like it - are you able to code for it on a PC and use an emulator as well? (Backing up work, faster development and so you don't have to take a photo of you calc too).

SSB on calc is definitely possible and there has been a couple of attempts over the year (including one myself that I never finished lol).
No, I don't have a pc or a rom for an emulator, sorry. I will have to take pictures of my calculator.
I have also seriously edited the code to add the stage! Right now it is based off of final destination from melee - more pictures soon!
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