Should I use text sprites for the cars?
Yes! The graphical improvements are worth it.
 66%  [ 2 ]
No, it causes too much slowdown.
 33%  [ 1 ]
Total Votes : 3

Got it, thanks for the explanation!

(also, these are the first words that I have typed on Cemetech with my new mechanical keyboard! yay!)
V0.7 - Introduction to Car Specific races, some Graphical upgrades, Tier 1 Crew (The Flames) completed.

What this update brings is mostly graphical- the garage menus look a lot nicer when switching pages, the finish line is an actual finish line now. I've finished the first Tier's crew - All 5 races that make up The Flames are now playable. I won't spoil any extra aspects of its characters here though. (The same will be done for the next 2 crews when I finish them- you'll have to play the game upon it's release)

Now, time to address the final single-player mode in the game: Car Specific races.

Car specific races are well, car specific. This mode will require you to get all 30 cars in the game to complete it. Every race is tailor made for that specific car it requires, and uses the new ai system from crew battles. The races are in the order that cars had been added in the game- First the Sivic Si, then followed by the Oxiti Increceba, then the Beetle, then so on and so forth.

Because the Increceba can only be obtained by beating the crew battle mode, this effectively means that Car Specific will likely be the last mode you face in this game- which is fitting, as it tests your mastery of upgrading and drivng each and every car.

There's a great reward for beating Car Specific mode, but the details on it aren't finalized and as such I'll save it for later.

I suppose I should also mention I've added 4 new cars since the last update- 2 of them being Tier 2 vehicles, which have been lacking so far. Expect a lot more of those as I work on the Tier 2 Crew Battles.
V0.8 - Variable race length, Tier 1 crew battle cutscene finished, and Car Specific races finished(sort of)

In the past week, I've made a fair bit of progress. All 16 of the car specific races are now finished (I've only made 16 of 30 cars though, so it's not really "finished") Of course, that doesn't make much of a difference until unlocking the Increceba is possible...

Anyway, onto the main new feature: variable race length. Races can now be up to 4 times as long as normal! Here's a showcase of it via the regulation races:

That being said, the only other mode that will use this expanded length is Crew Battle - Tier 2 will use double length, and Tier 3 quadruple length.

There's also been a quality of life improvement: you can now rev slower by pressing any button that isnt 2nd (or ON) while the count down is running. this slow rev increases the RPM by 2*(how much rpm the car loses per cycle when not revving), which should make it easier to land a perfect start.

You may have seen the filesize dip back down below 10KB earlier this week in SAX from optimizations- well, it's back up to 10.4KB, but not without reason:

The Crew Battle mode is fundamentally a sort of story mode, so to flesh that out a bit more I've expanded the README to have more backstory on characters and crews as a whole. I've also added a detail from CSR Racing: The crew leader conversations that take place between Tte crew leader you just demolished and the crew leader from the next tier up.

There's even the "X" effect after the conversation finishes:


I have been working on this game pretty much nonstop for the past 1 and a half months now. I felt a need to get something out there as a way to let people see it, so I've created a demo version!

This demo takes V0.8 and saws off things that are unfinished or unplayable to make it a more streamlined experience.

It's been submitted to the Cemetech archives, so if you play it definitely give feedback on what's good and what still needs work.
V0.8.1: Cars, cars, and more cars

This update brings 2 new things: the first Tier 2 crew member, Ker, and 7 new cars, 6 of which being in Tier 2.

Here's an updated car list of all 24 cars now included in the game:

1*: Sivic Si Coupe (2010) - The starter car. - Tier 1
2*: Oxiti Increceba - Beat the crew battle mode to unlock! - Tier 3
3: Beetle (2004) - Available Economy Car Mondays - Tier 1
4: Golf GIT (2005) - Available FWD Fridays - Tier 1
5: 458 Italy (2011) - Available Supercar Saturdays - Tier 3
6: 'Vette ZR1 (2009) - Available Supercar Saturdays - Tier 3
7: Dino 256 GT - Available Sunday Drive Sundays (Classic cars) - Tier 1
8: CRX SIR (1991) - Available FWD Fridays - Tier 2
9: McL F1 (1993) - Available Supercar Saturdays - Tier 3 (RECCOMMENDED)
10: Impala SS (1969) - Available Sunday Drive Sundays - Tier 1
11: Viper (2013) - Available Supercar Saturdays - Tier 3 (RECCOMMENDED)
12: Javelin-AMS (1971) - Available Sunday Drive Sundays - Tier 1 (RECCOMMENDED)
13: RX-7 Type RS (1998) - Available Tuner Thursdays - Tier 2 (RECCOMMENDED)
14: RS 6 (2003) - Available AWD Wednesdays - Tier 2 (RECCOMMENDED)
15: GT500 (2010) - Available Tier TWOsdays - Tier 2
16: DMC-12 (1981) - Available Economy Car Mondays - Tier 1
17: GTR R33 (1997) - Available Tuner Thursdays - Tier 2 (RECCOMMENDED)
18: Muira P400 (1967)- Available Sunday Drive Sundays - Tier 2
19: NSXR (1992) - Available Tuner Thursdays - Tier 2 (RECCOMMENDED)
20: CLK55 AMS (2003) - Available Tier TWOsdays - Tier 2 (RECCOMMENDED)
21: Coopa S (2003) - Available Economy Car Mondays - Tier 1 (RECCOMMENDED)
22: 350Z (2003) - Available Tier TWOsdays - Tier 2
23: WRX STI (2012) - Available AWD Wednesdays - Tier 2
24: Supra (1998) - Available Tuner Thursdays - Tier 2 (RECCOMMENDED)

The finish line rapidly approaches for development, and this game should be done by the end of September if all goes to plan. It's been a real grind this weekend but hey, the faster them monochrome version is finished, the sooner I can get to work on the CE port.

In the meantime, The CSRacing Demo has been submitted toTI-Planet as well as

Also, new userbar!:

V0.8.1/V0.8.2 - Bugfixes, new DCS icon

Relatively minor updates this time but here we go:

The CLK55 AMS was missing its Speed lost in higher gears stat, causing a DATA TYPE error whenever it was used. This has been fixed.

There's also a new icon for Doors CS that's much better than the old one:

(Old one, been used since V0.0.7)

(The new one)

This depicts the in game car sprites and the finish line, which is a bit cliché for racing games on the 84+ but eh it looks nice in 8x8.
Whoa, so many cars! Fantastic work Oxiti8 Smile.

I like the new icon too.
I like those icons and as for the game itself, I like the trails behind the cars and the amount of cars. I never saw a calculator racing-themed game with that many cars before Smile
Thanks for all the support!

The CSRacing Demo also has finally released on you can find it here:
As release draws nearer, I've (nearly) finalized the car list. Not all of these are cars are done per se, but their inclusion is nailed down.

1*: Honda Civic Si Coupe (8th Gen, 2010) T1
2*: Oxiti Increceba (2016) [FANTASY] T4
3: VW New Beetle (2004) - Available Mondays T1
4: VW Golf GTI (2005) - Available Front wheel drive Fridays T1
5: Ferrari 458 Italia (2011) - Available Supercar Saturdays T3
6: Chevrolet Corvette ZR1 (2009) - Available Supercar Saturdays T3
7: Ferrari Dino 246 GT - Available Sunday Drive Sundays (Classic cars) T1
8: CR-X SI-R (1991) - Available FWD Fridays T2
9: McLaren F1 (1993) - Available Supercar Saturdays T3
10: Chevrolet Impala Super Sport 409 (1964) - Available Sunday Drive Sundays T1
11: SRT Viper (2013) - Available Supercar Saturdays T3
12: AMC Javelin-AMX (1971) - Available Sunday Drive Sundays T1
13: Mazda RX-7 Type RS (1998) - Available Tuner Thursdays T2
14: Audi RS 6 (2003) - Available AWD Wednesdays T2
15: Shelby GT500 (2010) - Available Tier TWOsdays T2
16: Delorean DMC-12 (1981) - Available Mondays T1
17: Nissan Skyline GT-R R33 V-Spec (1997) - Available Tuner Thursdays T2
18: Lamborghini Miura P400 (1967)- Available Sunday Drive Sundays T2
19: Honda NSX-R (1992) - Available Tuner Thursdays T2
20: Mercedes-Benz CLK55 AMG Coupe (2003) - Available Tier TWOsdays T2
21: Mini Cooper S (2003) - Available Economy Car Mondays T1
22: Nissan Fairlady Z (2003) - Available Tier TWOsdays T2
23: Subaru Impreza WRX STI (2012) - Available AWD Wednesdays T2
24: Toyota Supra RZ (1998) - Available Tuner Thursdays T2
25: Nissan Sentra SE-R (2007) - Available Economy car Mondays T1
26: Ford Focus RS (2009) - Available FWD Fridays T2
(Cars below this point aren't finished yet at the time of posting)
27: Mitsubishi EVO X (2012) - Available AWD Wednesdays T2
28: Dodge Neon SRT4 (2005) - Available FWD Fridays T1
29: Nissan Skyline GT-R R34 (2002) - Available Tier TWOsdays T2
30: Some sort of Tier 3 AWD Supercar.

Car 30 is one I haven't decided yet. I know I want to choose an AWD Tier 3 car of some sort considering there's only 5 Tier 3 cars in the game, and I was Going to choose the 2007 Nissan GT-R, but there's already 2 versions of the GT-R in the game...

If you have any suggestions for Car 30, definitely let me know in SAX or in this topic.

The next update will be V0.9 with all 30 cars done as well as a few QOL improvements- There'll be no more commits to GitHub after that until release so as to not spoil anything of the Tier 2 and Tier 3 Crew Battles.
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