If you were to be in the cemetech anime intro, how would you want to be represented?
I know Kerm will be himself, and Tater will be a tater, but anyone else?
Ill be back tommorow!
Can I be a pizza box with my logo on it?
(Or a ghost with my logo on it.)
And I'd be some hooded lurker who occasionally works on calc projects.
I will indeed be a potato. What would you call a calculator anime? A calcime? Calcanime? Animacalulator? Animacalc? Hmm... so much time to ponder.
I like mushrooms. Make me a mushroom.
I like Weedles. Make me a Weedle.
I like shrubberies. Make me a shrubbery.
also bring me a shrubbery
arighty, got it.
Will work on this a good bit over next few days.
Can't wait to share it with yall!
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