Okay, hear me out:
You set up the calculator like gossamer, but with a video streaming program that takes raw bits and puts them on the screen.
This connects to a server someone could run that works as an in between for real YouTube and calculators.
The calculator sends requests for video titles, and the server searches it on YouTube. It sends the names and youtubers for videos that pop up to the calculator.
You choose one in a menu on-calc, and then it streams the video to your calculator at the correct resolution so it can just send pretty much raw bits, with minimal calculator processing and unnecessary stuff.
While im at it, send audio to be played in a .wav format! That would be played on the arduino.
Could this work? I wanna make sure it could before I even think about starting.
I only have calculators in the 83+ family that I can do axe on, so that would be the calcs.
Then do it. I'm sick of these posts that are like "this would be cool" -- and no one even bothers to try.
Start work immediately.
Aright, I cant start work until i get back to school, but once I do, I will.
Remind me!!!!!!
For now, I will do research on gossammer and stuff.
I think this would be really neat if you get it working. Good luck!
The seems reasonable, I would love to see how it pans out.
Correct me if I'm wrong, but the link port operates at 15kbps right? So 15 kbps / 6144 bits for a screen = 2.4 frames per second?

The streaming part of your project seems similar to this. https://www.cemetech.net/forum/viewtopic.php?t=11287&start=0
Thanks so much for that update! I might make it on the usb port of a ti-84+, as that would be so much better (Correct me if wrong).
Thanks for the similar project! That will be a good base when i start doing this!
jacobly has done some work on video over USB: https://www.cemetech.net/forum/viewtopic.php?t=16163
Is this done yet?
No. I give up on all my projects because i lose interest/dont have enough experience.
I wouldnt even know how to begin.

I really need to get my stuff together and finish a project that can get me enough money to start a project i WANT to do.

This project is not that project. At best, I would get POTM (if that).

a, Im pathetic...
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