Purchased this calculator because I was interested in showing my calculations and graphs on my computer screen. This has all been a troubling mess but I finally was able to download the software so that I now have an image on my computer screen that replicates the image on my calculator screen. I was under the impression I can be holding my Casio calculator in my hand, doing calculations that would be showing up on my computer monitor. When I press the keys on my calculator the numbers only show up on my calculator and when I press the number pad on my computer keyboard the numbers show up only on my computer screen. Are there steps I can use by using my calculator keyboard and operations keypad and have the calculations, the entries show up on my computer screen in addition to any graphs that I develop on the calculator? I hope there is a way to do this as this is the prime and only reason I purchased this calculator.
Unfortunately, I'm not aware of any way to cast the Casio Prizm fx-CG50's screen to a computer; I believe the emulator that Casio provides only works on its own, as if it was a completely separate calculator.
Thanks for the information. I thought I saw an instructor on youtube use the handheld to transfer information to the screen. I guess I assumed something I did not see.
Have you tried Screen Receiver ?
Massena wrote:
Have you tried Screen Receiver ?
I stand corrected; thank you! Glad to know that that's an available resource.
No, I have not tried Screen Receiver. I have never heard of it nor seen it in any of my searches. But I clicked on your highlight and there it was. It is even on a Casio website, I believe. That is very strange. Why in the world does Casio not mention this? i have written to them, talked to them on the phone - nothing about this. The world is getting weirder and more weirder all the time. Thanks for the reference. I will check it out and get back to you. But it feels so strange, nothing about this in any of their manuals and there it is.
jocaan (Frank C.)
Well, all the frustrations of the past have come up. The 'Download Version 3.02' dose not activate as in the past with the 'emulator.' In trying to download manuals from Casio I get very much the same problem. When somehow, I do succeed in downloading manuals they are very difficult to print and have messed up my printer. The manuals come out in PDF form then when I try to print I am asked to 'Save' the document into MS One Note, which I never use. Then I had to put in my Microsoft password, and then after that the document would still not print. But to get to the main subject, no, the highlight for downloading the Screen Receiver will not respond. It's a little funny because I purchased this calculator from Casio through their website even though I realized the calculator could be obtained from Amazon for a nice lower price. I thought if I purchased the calculator directly from Casio I would not run into any problems and thing would go more smoothly for me. Ha! Silly me.
Did you click the "I have read and agreed on the terms and conditions" checkbox on the very top of the webpage link:

Press ctrl-p to print the PDF. I imagine that your printer is either disconnected or misconfigured.
O.K., I have finally downloaded the Screen Receiver program, have the icon on my desktop, clicked on the icon and up popped the Screen Receiver screen. I had the CG-500 plugged in when I did all this. But I cannot get the program to respond. When I turned on my calculator there was an option for 'Screen Receiver,' so I clicked on that tab. The Screen Receiver popped up on my screen, blank, to top screen black. I looked on the top menu tabs to see if there was any option to activate my calculator but there was none. I tried to do a few calculations but nothing showed up on my computer screen.
I still cannot download or print the manual.
Frank C.
Yes, sorry about that. I went back before I saw your message and notice the requirement on the top of the page, clicked acceptance and then I downloaded it.
Frank C.
I still cannot print the manual or activate the PC screen to show my calculations.
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