It has now arrived! The 1555 Color Picker will let you see and choose any of the different 1555 colors. You can select colors in 3 different ways. You can either use the slider to quickly scroll through all the colors, enter in your own 1555 value (in hex), or enter in your own RGB value and the program will convert it to a 1555 value. This program is also linked to the Xlibc Color Picker and vice versa. This program is still in its beta stage, so any feedback (especially about bugs) would be greatly appreciated. Please enjoy this program.

Special thanks to:
- epsilon5, for encouraging me to make this.
- Zeroko, for the rgb1555 to rgb888 conversion code.

Website Link

Download Link

Alright, so I gave it a try and I'm getting a weird error here:

When I looked at the source it appears to be messing up wherever there is "&ThickSpace" but when I inspected the element in the browser it showed up as "&hairsp". I'm using the latest version of Chrome on the latest version of Chrome OS, so I don't think that should be a problem. The glitch appears upon opening the website, and doesn't go away if you adjust colors.

It's fixed now!
Version 1.0 has now been released on Github and can also be found on Github Pages! (View the updated links above.)

I've been messing with CE graphics a little (which I've not done before) and this was a convenient reference to check my understanding of the native 16-bit color format: in particular I expected the MSb of green to be in bit 15, rather than the LSb!

Thanks for the tool, RoccoLox. Smile
Nice Smile

If I change the 24-bit color in the input box the celtic format boxes don't update - but the value to copy does.
Very useful thing. Smile
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