I finally got my Torx T6 headed screw driver, so I'm now posting those PCB pics that womp has been bugging me for for a long time...
Here is my Rev H TI-84 Plus SE (click for full resolution):

I'm not sure if I was supposed to take a pic of this side but I decided that I would while it was open:

Also, while I was taking apart my CE (and SE) I noticed this foil backing. I wasn't sure how to remove it on the CE, and I wanted to know whether I could just get rid of it or whether it was actually necessary (I'm stupid about this kind of thing):

I'll be taking more PCB pics of the rest of my calculators (and other SE) soon. Should I include my Voyage 200 even though the ribbon cable is broken?
The foil is just an anti-static shield which helps protect the PCB from stray electric shocks. I'd recommend keeping it but it doesn't really matter if you remove it.
Personally I like to open all my calcs for fun but if you're asking because you want to contribute to the documentation effort, then your other 84+SE (rev P) is the only other calc from the ones you've listed on calcs.tiplanet.org that we don't have a picture of.
mr womp womp wrote:
The foil is just an anti-static shield which helps protect the PCB from stray electric shocks.

As I recall, the shield is there for FCC Part 15 EMI/RFI compliance, and the calculator works fine without it.
Interesting. The shield covers only the left (usb) edge of my 84+CE and is absent from my TI-80 and my friend's 2008 83+.
TI-84 Plus SE Rev P PCB Pics! (Again, click for full size)

Now with PCB Pics from my Voyage 200 (since I took it apart to try to fix the ribbon cable):

My TI-83:

Also, my brother's Casio Graph 90+e (It took me some convincing to get him to let me open it Razz ):
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