Can I run BOS on a real calculator yet?
TIny_Hacker wrote:
Can I run BOS on a real calculator yet?

Absolutely! Assuming you're willing to contend with the current lack of software and interface.
Installation is as easy as running the installer on-calc.
Uninstalling BOS to reinstall TIOS can be done a few different ways. Notably the on+2nd+del+reset method, but there is also a built-in uninstall feature in the recovery menu.
Another quick update post before I forget to announce: BOS will soon be able to back up TIOS and reinstall it without necessitating use of a PC! The installer provides a simple Y/N prompt so it doesn't always backup TIOS. Additionally to this, on first boot BOS will search for TI variables stored in archive, importing/converting them into BOS files! (check the "/usr/tivars" directory)
This will allow for extra features and programs to be imported into BOS until a file transfer program becomes available for it.
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