What do you use?
My mouse/trackpad
 18%  [ 5 ]
the Keybindings and shortcuts I hold in the depths of my brilliant brain.
 22%  [ 6 ]
I primarily use the keyboard, but I have nothing against using the mouse.
 59%  [ 16 ]
Total Votes : 27

Iíve coded a lot mostly in pycharm or visual studios and I donít use the mouse a lot unless Iím selecting a big portion of code or moving a pretty big distance. I almost always use the arrow keys and am very proficient in wasting time by pressing right, going down a line, then spamming left and up until I give up and use my mouse Razz Iíve never really known about vim or anything like that. Iíll have to try it some time.
Trackpad gang.

Having a trackpad attached to my keyboard right below the spacebar is probably the top requirement for me when choosing computers. I can't really use mice for Reasons, so I grew up always using trackpads. It doesn't really affect my speed too much since it's really easy to switch between typing and trackpad-ing. I use a high enough sensitivity that moving a finger from the edge to the middle of the pad at a moderately quick speed takes the cursor from one end of the screen to the other- this is a good balance between precision and speed for me.

When I am forced to use a mouse, I can see why others would want a mouseless environment :p I frequently utilize the thing that pops up when you press the scroll wheel on most mice that lets you scroll around really fast in two dimensions.
KermMartian wrote:
I came to this thread to say "vim is love, vim is life" or thereabouts, but you make a decent enough point. I use Notepad++ on Windows, where admittedly I still do know enough keyboard shortcuts to rarely touch the mouse, but these days I do the vast majority of my programming in vim, over SSH.

Many of my IDEs are configured to use vim keybindings, and my vim is configured to accept mouse input.
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