I made some time ago FallingTiles - a simple TI-Basic game.

Now I plan to rewrite the game in ICE.
It`s my very first ICE project and I don`t know wheter I`ll be able to finish it.
In this topic I will post my progress and also questions.

Graphics/Sprites: 90%
Sprite integration: 5%
Menu texts:10%
Stats/AppVar: 0%
Difficulty modes: 20%
Game loop: 40%
At first I started with just making the game itself,
not stats page, menu or different difficulty stages.

Here is the current state of the program:
Until now it just draws the graphical background of the game area.
The design is oriented to the TI-Basic version.
I made two designs (they have different outlookings at the left/right edge):

What do you think? Which design is in your oppinion better?
I know it's not on there, but I think the 2nd option with the horizontal lines at the edge extended to the edge of the screen would look best!

EDIT: This is what it would look like:

Hey, you just gave me an idea:
The first option gives you the "illusion" to watch at two walls somewhere outside
"trought the calculator screen".
The other design makes it look like the walls are
"build in" into the screen.

So I just have to decide what "mode" I like more.

EDIT: Your idea is a good one! I will think about it.
Probably I`ll take your`s or my second option.
I'm excited to see that you're rewriting FallingTiles!

Idea: What if you made it possible to change the color of the walls/tiles at some point? I think that would be super neat!
Yes, I already thought about this possibility.
Finally, I decided to use the second option for the outlooking of the walls (2nd picture).

That`s now the outlooking.
I put everything 1 pixel higher, so there is a distance of 1 pixel from each the top and bottom.
I decided for this option particulary,
because you can concentrate better on the middle part of the screen.
The two other options seem to cause distract you to the left and right. (my opinion)

As next I want to work on the game loop.
Ok, before making the loop I`ll want to make some more sprites.
The score bar at the right is easy, but what should be the player sprite?
Should I continue with "A" or do you guys have a better idea?
I think you should create a custom sprite instead of the "A", even a stick figure could look nice. It's up to you, though.
Hmm, a colourful player with even cloths is too complex and a stick figure too simple.
It has too be something that fits to the other game graphics and to the game concept.
Maybe somethink like the ragnarok coins in HCR: (those little round figures)

But the player has to be in every case black and white.

Or even customizable!
Something like: The user can unlock different players and
for a very good score the possibility is unlocked to customize a player!
(will think really later about this)
Customizable players sounds like a great idea!
Perfect!!!!!!!!!! Between the walls is enought space for exactly 4 tiles:

Going to add the score bar as next!

The black tiles are by the way exactly as wide and high as TI-OS's block cursor. Rolling Eyes

I think it looks acceptable, I plan to make an option to toogle the score bar.

EDIT: Going to post later the code used until now, it`s probably horrible unoptimized Rolling Eyes
That's looking great! Toggling the score bar seems like a good idea in my opinion.
Haha, yes, when I design programs I want to have a program
which is custmizable by the user in many ways.
Often this doesn`t really cost many code.

I will post later my attemts to write a game loop.
The player will be a normal tile for first.
So, I`m working on the game loop.
I`m trying to move a sprite along the screen,
as long as a certain key is pressed (something very basic).

There is one thing I don`t unterstand:
Is it in ICE possible to do this:

Repeat getKey(15)        //[clear]
 det(59,A,B,100)         //output sprite; A=sprite; B=column
 B-5(getKey(2))→B        //B will be decreased by 5 if getKey is 2 ([<])  (actually, like I think)

But as soon as getKey is 2,
B is decreased by over thousand (in everycase too much) and an error occurs

This version works:

Repeat getKey(15)
 B-(getKey(2))-(getKey(2))-(getKey(2))-(getKey(2))-(getKey(2))→B      //5 times -(getKey(2))

But I don`t believe that the way is so long (what if I wanted to decrease B by hundred?).
Did I make a mistake?
Does this work?


Repeat getKey(15)        //[clear]
 det(59,A,B,100)         //output sprite; A=sprite; B=column
 B-5Ans→B        //B will be decreased by 5 if getKey is 2 ([<])  (actually, like I think)

I don't know if it would since I don't know ICE very well at all but it seems like it should.
Oh yay! It works!!!!
Thank you so much for just increasing my game loop progress by 10%!
Okay, it`s a simple tip which you gave me, but it saves many time of thinking.
(alone I would have needed days to find the solution, I`m completely new in ICE)

Tonight I want to finish the player controls.
I'm glad - and surprised - it worked, since I've never used ICE before! Razz I guess my knowledge of TI-BASIC was useful...
Wait, my only mistake was that I forgot that ICE don`t supports implied multiplication! Rolling Eyes
For example:


This wont work in ICE.
Only this:


But thank you although!
I`m still working on the player controls.
It works now, but sometimes still appears a glitch (double player).
Also it`s still very jumpy (ICE is so incredible fast Laughing )

The developement is in a early stage, so I better don`t dream too much,
but I created today some designs.

Here are all:
(I decided that walls, players and falling tiles are going to use all the same sprite)
(the backgroundcolors and left/right edges are not fully adapted to design yet)
([screenshot] design name;)


Roll, two versions;

Roundings, rounded corners;



Cake; background color is very unadapted yet;



Rainbow Flag;

Graphing calculator;
Try a calculator design! It could be the hardest one to unlock, you would have to have a really good score or something.
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