That HUD looks awesome dude! Keep up the good work!
I've updated to Beta 2, which now is almost a full CE port of the game as it was on the 83+/84+ (sans a few minor features, and proper enemy sprites).

Whilst a lot of the changes are bug fixes or porting little things across, the screenshot below shows the updated "air ducts", which are now 2x2 tiles, you can walk around the edge of them (but don't fall in!), and then how the CE handles the "power out" type effect on Episode I Level 11.

The download link is the same as before.

Well this brings back a lot of nostalgia!
elfprince13 wrote:
Well this brings back a lot of nostalgia!
Did you play the Amiga original back in the day? Or just nostalgia from the 83/83+ versions?

Seeing as the "porting" part is mostly done now, I've started working on the new campaign, Episode III: Impact. This campaign will have 30 levels with multiple paths through to the finish (ala Alien Breed: Tower Assault). There are 7 potential routes, which will take you through between 11-14 levels depending on the path you take.

Below shows an early draft of part of the first level, where you've crash landed outside a base that has been overrun by the aliens.

A few more things have been done..

- Added the land mine trap in outdoor areas for Episode III
- Implemented basic floor tile randomisation that applies when levels are loaded
- Simple laser turret enemy for outdoor areas
- Tileset for the "Civilian Tower" areas now done
- 2 player co-op (same calc, no linkplay) now ported across to the CE

I hope to have another beta update in the next week or so Smile
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