Can you really call this a project? I spent more time writing the readme than anything else.
I just wanted to share a colorful cat.

and a link to the repo containing code I used to make it happen.
I'm assuming this is just one of those "I'm bored, what dumb graphics/math programs can I write on my CE" programs that actually turned out to be moderately cool.

10/10, would pet the cat.
I like the implementation on a cat. Rainbow kitties seems very popular these day. Wink
Good job!
You know, some programs are just flat-out useless but really cool. But this program is so useless that I might just download it. Cool
Iambian: Does this only work with this one cat picture?

I would only download your program if it can play the same color effect
on different images (images that the user can set)
(something like: the user scrolls in the memory and selects
an image that he has previously sent to the calculator).
DAVID-19 wrote:
Iambian: Does this only work with this one cat picture?

Based on the git it can work with other images ...

Github wrote:
Take your input image and modify it in an editor to be 320 by 240 pixels.

Save that image in the src/gfx folder as Plasmafractal.png

Open a command-line window in the src/gfx folder. The following commands done, in order, should prepare the image for build:


With the final convpng run, ensure that the converted size (the one shown on the right) is less than 65000. If it is larger, you should pick a different image or modify it to use fewer colors, then to gack to step 2.

Modify the NUMBER_OF_COLORS constant near the top of src/main.c to contain the number of colors of the input image to help optimize speed. (You can ignore this step if you want)
Navigate to project root folder, then run in command-line:


You're done. Send bin/DEMO.8xp to your 84+CE.
oh, okay,
I didn`t know this, now I can say it`s a cool project! Smile
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